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Cant log in server's currently busy and keeps coming up with Error #113.
Has been going on for awhile now.
Anyone else having this problem?
Please help
yes i have been trying to find a way around this error for 1 hour atm cant get any help
Like almost 4 hours now and i still cant get in..:/
This is depressing.:-L
Someone please post with a solution!
same problem here, but no solution

my friends having no trouble getting in though....seems like discrimination to me
I see the both of you are using SEA accounts. We're currently running maintenance in the SEA region. Once maintenance ends you'll be able to authenticate and log in again.

The maintenance is scheduled to run for 8 hours and it started at 11:00 am PST. These times can always change.

[Correcting my regions]
I'm in AUS getting the #113 what's going on with that? Same problem?

Yup. I can see you created your account in the SEA region. You would be affected by this maintenance.
How would I change that?
Wolfrayza, region is set when you create the account, it's not something you change.

If you're not actually living in that region, you would need to contact our Account reps to see if they can assist you. Make it clear you're asking about your account and not World of Warcraft accounts.

(Also, since the SEA region is down for maintenance it's possible they won't even be able to access your account until maintenance ends. You could still create a ticket though.)
Okay thanks for that I don't even remember choosing a region, I just merged my wow account to
Please understand that maintenance needs to be done in each region. We do Realm maintenance often with maintenance being much more rare. Since most people's accounts are in the same region they play on, they won't even notice that both are being done.

You will occasionally encounter times where is being worked on in your home region and the realms are live in the region you play on. In those situations you'll encounter this 'double' maintenance.

I apologize for the inconvenience of those who are affected by this, but the best thing to do is just wait for maintenance to end.
I am having the same issue, however my friend sitting next to me can log in fine. Interesting because I created both of the accounts at around the same time, so I dont see how the regions could be different..
My account is in the North America region and I live in Australia, technically SEA region. Logged out to update an add-on and now can't get back in, error 113 - help! I have a pile of stuff to get done before NA maintenance which just got bumped forward by two hours...!
Ah noooo, I'm screwed for another 3 hours? :(

EDIT: when did my battlenet account become a SEA region account anyway? I have been on a North American account since I started playing wow...

EDIT 2: Just signed into my account page and that is working fine, and yes it is indeed a North America account... also, my Battlenet balance comes up in US dollars - unless I go to my Starcraft page which is when it switches to Singapore dollars, the currency I had to buy SC2's latest expansion in. Could this be a possible clue?
So spoke to another GM and I am not on any CN region I'm in North America

Yeah. I was reading the regions wrong initially. The maintenance is in SEA. Sorry for the confusion.
Hi I made a thread about this about an hour ago and didn't see this one here before. I live in Australia as well with my account set up in the US region but am getting the same error. What can I do?
@Jurannok Okay thanks

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