<Praxidice> 10m Raid LF Healer & Tank

Praxidice is recruiting for our core 10m raiding group! We are a laid back, late night team. Despite our relatively minor raid schedule (less than 10 hours a week), we were full clear normal mode for 5.1.

As we're moving into 5.2, we have 2 spots open and are looking to fill them quickly.

What We're Looking For:
2 smart, motivated individuals who can DPS and heal. Specifically, we're looking for at least one DPS with a healing OS. The second person can be pure DPS or also have a healing OS, though the latter will be given preference. We're looking for priests, monks, or a warlock.

Our Current Team:
Warrior, Death Knight, Paladin, Druid, Mage, Hunter, Rouge, and Shaman.

Our Raid Schedule:
Thursday - 11:30 PM to 2:30 AM server time
Saturday - 11:30PM to 2:30AM server time
Monday 11:30PM to 2:30AM server time

Sometimes, if we're close to a kill in progression content, we will extend raid times by half an hour.

If you're interested, reply here, apply at www.praxidiceguild.com or whisper me in game.
Whoops, forgot to add that a resto shaman with an enhancement OS would work too.
Shreyas is my hero.
As it should be.

DPS recruitment is on hold for the moment. We got a lot of applicants to test! We're still accepting trial healers, however, including full time healers.
I will look for you tomorrow. Holy/Shadow priest here.
I'm glad to hear it! I'm not going to be on too much during the day today, but I will be later tonight. If I'm not on, check for Shreyas. I look forward to speaking to you!
We're still recruiting, but our needs have changed a bit!

We currently are in need of:
A healer with a DPS O/S
A tank with a DPS O/S

No shamans, warriors, or DKs please. All other healer/tank classes are fine!

Apply at www.praxidiceguild.com or whisper Onnella in game.

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