Looking at weapons from LFR

Comparing the new 2h's on wowhead, and uhhhh.... lfr upgraded sha weapon > new lfr weapons? At least that's what it seems to me. I know that normal mode weapons are an upgrade but from an lfr standpoint (still recruiting for my guild's 10m) there is no weapon upgrade this teir?
I'm quite confident that the extra 500 weapon DPS outweighs the legendary socket. What leads you to say they aren't an upgrade?
You basically wanna just grab the highest ilvl weapon you can, that's 9.5 times out of 10 the best choice, I say that because the normal sha weapon upgraded 2/2 with haste gem is like 200 more dps on paper than heroic starshatter 2/2, but when factoring normal human error/fight mechanics they equal out, so at that point you grab what you want lol

tl;dr higher ilvl weapon wins
Maybe it was because I was comparing them on paper and not in a fight. If I manage to get a drop quickly I'll just have to do some testing to see which one ends up doing better. Thanks for the advice though guys.

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