Avatar: Where did my hair go ?

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Hi, i wanted to know... where are my nice blue spiky hair ? :(

it seem like a missing mesh on my avatar and my character itself on armory
We updated the rendering assets for 5.2 recently. Once your render updates again (after you log out of 5.2) let us know if it's still broken, it might just be what happens when we render your 5.1 profile with 5.2 data.
Please provide an update on this.
Any update on this?
WTB my hair back. Please fix this bug.
For the love of God fix this PLEASE!
I changed from a worgen to a troll...as if that wasn't bad enough my troll is bald on the forums D:

(psst I still wuv you worgies I just found a raid group on horde! /sniff!)
I still has no hair. :(
also still bald :(
If it helps any, I'm using the "High Tail" hairstyle (you can see the hairtie for it in my pic, but no hair), and my transmog for my headpiece is a mask with nothing on top of my head, those might be contributing factors. It's been this way for months and although it doesn't affect in-game play it's still a mite disturbing whenever I post on the forums.

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