Frost DK for Bgs ?

Death Knight
Looking for a less technical, single target dps class for bgs. A break from playing my warrior really.

Basically I do not want to spend much time to learn a class, but still be able to effective.

Kind of between Ret or Frost Dk.

Is managing runes difficult? Ret seems pretty simple, but more of a burst class. Where Dk is rather high sustain damage, atleast from what I understand.

Wondering if anyone could provide insight here, if Dk is what I am looking for.
Here's the straight deal:

You will perform adaquately as a DK in BGs, if all you want to do is pressure one target without learning the resource system. You won't be great, but if you outgear them you'll score kills.

That said, you'll be incredibly vulnerable, unless you have healers around to back you up.

Also, frost DKs are by no means the mongoloids people make them out to be. Knowing when and how to burst, when and how to run away, and when and how to CC are skills the separate good from back frost DKs.

My main is a resto druid, and I can feel the difference between an average DK and a good one. The good ones are a nightmare, and prevent me from healing anyone but myself. The bad ones are annoyance I mostly ignore.
Could anyone contrast the play style of Dk and Ret for me?

CC, Mobility, CC Breaks, Survivability , Dps style(sustain vs burst), vs caster, vs melee..etc

Very much appreciated!
Ret has always been a supportive dps spec. By that I mean, to be optimal they have other thing's like buff's, off heals, debuffing and cc to pay attention to rather than being able to train a class like a more dps oriented spec like warrior's or dk's. Ret still has powerful burst cooldowns, but they aren't nearly as dangerous outside of that. On a team or in a battleground a good ret contributes dps, but also throwing out side heals with selfless healer, freedoms etc.
For regular BG's (no RBG) you are not as squishy as most people make you out to be. 60% resil + blood presence will give you decent survivability. And surprisingly enough you can dole out good damage in blood presence.
I enjoy doing regular BGs. Well most of the time.

Frost is good against casters unless all your silences and interrupts are on cd.
CC could be better. Take Remorseless Winter for some cc. I took Desecrated Ground for another cc breaker instead.

My spec+grear gives my option of guarding or going all out offense. I don't have the 60% resil because of my weapon but I do pretty good.
Thank you for the responses :)
I constantly top "damage done" in bg's without much effort. frost is a super easy class to play bg's with, you do lots of AOE damage, and awesome burst. DK is easily my favorite pvp class, I love hitting 135k+ crits over and over in 2's. lol
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Yeah. Frost DK.

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