500 ilvl resto shaman LF guild

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
6/6 Hm MSV
5/6 Hm HOF
1/4 Hm Toes ( protectors 30%)

Hey all, looking for a new 10/25man HM guild for 5.2 can raid any day 7-12pm.
Contact me on voska#1459 if you have any questions.
Hey there Voskaa, Blue Label currently have opened recruitment for healer spots, here's a little about us'

<Blue Label> of Barthilas is a Horde, 25man Oceanic raiding guild that has been around since the Burning Crusade. We are focused on progressing through the Mists of Pandaria raids while having fun doing so.

We are currently recruiting for all classes with the exception of SPriest/Rogues/Warriors/Warlocks.

Classes in high demand: Mage/Frost DK/Hunter/Enh or Ele Shaman/Any class healer

Our current progression are, as of 25/02/13:

6/6(H) MSV
6/6(H) HoF
2/4(H) ToES

Our raid times are:

Wed/Thur/Sun/Mon 730-11pm ST (GMT+10). Invites start at 720pm ST.

If you are interested in joining Blue Label, don't hesitate to apply at blue-label.org

Experience in current content for heroic is a plus but not essential as we believe a decent raider can pick it up swiftly.

If you have any other questions, you can add me on Battletag (Naixia#1121) or pst Hanul in-game.
Illumination, Khaz'goroth 10/16HM Recruiting


-Raid time-
Monday - 8pm -> 11pm
Wednesday - 8pm -> 11pm
Thursday - 8pm -> 11pm

Note: Times listed as Server Time (GMT+10, GMT+11 during DST)

GM: Azrael
Officers: (RL)Lucrezzia, Nexald
Battle Tag Azrael#1828
Email: illum.khaz@hotmail.com
Website: http://illumination-khaz.guildlaunch.com/
Hello Voskaa,

Knights of Frostmourne is a guild based in Frostmourne, formed on the first day the server opened up. We have completed 11/16Hms pre 5.2. We are somewhat serious guild focused on heroic progression raiding through content.
We offer a mature, friendly & fun environment with a down to earth yet serious & competitive approach to raiding.

We are currently recruiting all classes and specs to bolster our lineup, with a priority on
- 1 healer - any class
- 1 melee dps - any class
- 1 tank - any class
- 1 ranged - any class

-Raid times are Thursday, Sunday and Monday from 7:30-11aest give or take.

So feel free to contact myself or a fellow officer via realid:-
- stag#6984
- darerer#1263
<Inception>Frostmourne Alli 12/16 hm 16/16 10 man is currently Looking for a decent geared/exp resto shammy/priest and a hunter to join our core team for the remainder this teir and moving into 5.2, We raid Wed/thurs/sun/mon 7:30-10:30 Svt.
If ur interested plz send me a tell via ingame mail or on my real id solarinto@hotmail.com kthx
Hi there,

You sound like the kind of raider we are looking for! I think I could make your class / spec work perfectly for us!

Please check out the below info or feel free to add me in game to chat: Sanctuary#6416


Endless Reborn on Frostmourne is currently recruiting fantastic skilled players of all roles and classes for our core 10 man team.

We have the flexibility at the moment to shuffle players around so we are open to all classes and roles.

We have a tight nit group of 6-7 players who have been raiding since vanilla, we just need to fill our last few positions with reliable GOOD players.

Especially interested in 495+ IL players and the following classes (but are also considering others we can mix in):

• Disc Priest

• Resto Druid

• Protection Pally

• Frost DK

• Warlock

• WW Monk

• Rogue

• Ele Shaman

• Enhancement Shaman

As we have recently been burnt by BAD players we are being EXTREAMLY picky with who we are even considering for a trial.

We are looking for older 20’s +, mature, focused, punctual, RELIABLE, raid aware, past raid experience, long term raiders who will communicate on mumble and contribute to the guild.

If you’re interested jump on endlessreborn.info and put in an application, remembering the effort you put into your application reflects on the kind of player you are and if we will consider you.


About us:

Endless Reborn is semi-hardcore 10 man raiding guild based on the Oceanic realm Frostmourne.

Endless was created on the 9/1/2007 on the Oceanic realm Jubei’thos and was one of the oldest Alliance raiding guilds on sever before transferring (and name changing) to Frostmourne on the 1/1/2013.

Whilst we only raid as a 10 man group we expect the reliability and professionalism of a hardcore 25 man raider. (If you want to raid with us see more about what is expected of a raider on our raid expectations tab).

We currently raid (Raids may be reduced to 1-2 nights per week only when content is on farm):

Wednesday 7:30 – 10:30 ST.

Thursday 7:30 – 10:30 ST.

Monday 7:30 – 10:30 ST.

Raids may run longer on progression nights (until 11:30 ST for example).


Raid Expectations:

We are looking for mature players that understand the basic point of the game, both simple and complex raid mechanics, and understand that while acquiring gear is an excellent short term personal goal, the most important goal is seeing success through end game content together, as a guild.

Anyone with any sort of past experience understands that most gear comes easy in raiding guilds… and in a month or two needs to be replaced, so don’t make your time in this game strictly about gear. Whether you PVE or PVP, the point of this is to have fun and to find people you enjoy doing it with.
Hello there, hows it going.

I'm currently recruiting a new core team and i found your post and thought you may be interested in the giving it a shot for a Progression spot in the Team
Raid times are between 9PM-12AM Server Time (GMT+8) on Weds/Thurs/Sun. the guild is based on Thaurissan
Our environment is very laid back and relaxed, i like to have fun with members but also have abit or seriousness when it comes down to wanting to down a boss
you can check out the guild site at www.Wyvern.wowstead.com for more info if you need more
you can have a chat with me either through my email, Rhinohardstylez94@hotmail.com or contact me through battle.net id same as my email adress if you have any questions.

Hope to hear from you soon :)

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