Entropy (25) recruiting for raiders / casuals

About Us:
We've been a guild since late Wrath. I myself have been playing since day 1 but mostly ran with an AUS guild. One day I figured I could find US players just as good as them and that's why I formed this one. Our predominant problem raid wise over the years has been people tell us they want to raid and then don't show or we find that they can't carry their own weight. A lot of us have taken to pugging and we are tired of it and want to get the guild back on its feet in raiding.

We are all fairly laid back and like to joke around, but take the raids seriously. We do not admit anyone who is not 18+. If memory serves, we don't currently have a player under the age of 24. Ages mostly range from 24-40. That being said, we don't allow jerks in either. We expect you to be respectful of other players in and out of guild, not be a ninja, etc. Common sense and manners really.

Raiding Schedule:
We raid 10 man. Ideally wanted to have two groups but after not seeing much interest on the forums/whispers/trade chat, we have decided to temporarily nix the Wed/Thurs group. We MAY raid Wed/Thurs to do Glory of the Pandaria Raider, but it will not be mandatory and will pug the slots we can't fill within guild.

Friday & Saturday 8:00pm - 12:00am server

What we're looking for:

Any Melee x2 (Prefer Warrior, rogue, or monk)
Ele Sham (Preferably with a heal OS)

We prefer you be at least ilvl 485+. Having cleared tier 14 is not a must, but it would be preferred that you've had some raiding experience this xpac. If you fall short of the 485 ilvl, still feel free to contact us. We can talk about it.

For casuals we accept all players who are active in the game. The guild DOES boot players who are inactive for more than 3 months with no explanation of why. If you'd be interested, feel free to contact myself in game or anyone in guild. They will be able to direct you to me.

EDIT: We will likely pug tier 15 Fri/Sat if we do not fill the raid in time if you'd like to join for that and see how you'd fit in!

EDIT 2: Updated the posting with what we need and changed some days/times.
03/02/2013 01:49 PMPosted by Thunderwolf
That being said, we don't allow jerks in either.

Except that Thunderwolf guy.

Say, haven't I heard your name around somewhere before?
Yeah that Thunderwolf guy...I've been trying to boot him from guild for YEARS and somehow he just keeps coming back =(
Not that it fell too low, but bumping back up because of changes made in what we are looking for.

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