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Ghostcrawler has said on his Twitter that the dev team doesn't see much reason for the 1-DK-per-realm limit any longer, but he didn't give an ETA on when the restriction would be lifted. That makes me think it isn't as easy as just "flipping a switch", and that there's something more complex involved in the restriction.

In short, they're aware of the player request, they want to give it to us, they just haven't (yet). This means it's "Soon™"
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Any idea when we might see this lifted? I've seen on MMO-champ a few times where it's been stated this limitation is outdated and no longer needed. It was also said that they likely will remove it, I'm just wondering if there is any sort of time frame for this planned at all?

I'd really enjoy rolling another Death Knight on my home server, on the Horde side, just for the benefit of heirloom gear and to experience the horde storylines and what not, hence the inquiry.

Honestly, there's no update I can provide on when this will be lifted, but we're aware of the feedback. It may be a possibility for the future though.
and that there's something more complex involved in the restriction.

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I have two DK....
I have two DK....

On the same server >:)
For the people saying we don't need more DKs, i have to wonder: if someone who has a DK is just playing another DK, meaning their original DK cannot possibly be online, how do we have more DKs running around? It boggles the mind.
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Not the same account.

I have 2 on same server same account :P
Or just, you know, allow people with 90s to start any new toon off at 55.
I think it'll be lifted if we ever get another hero class. That way, you could have a dk and the new class.
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This thread stinks of DK rot.
03/04/2013 01:46 AMPosted by Velantha
There is no point in having 2 DK level 90s.

There isn't much of a point in having 2 of of any class, except, I know someone who literally has 4 90s all hunters, and quite a few lower level 'alt' hunters.

Full profession coverage? I initially did that with multiple classes, but I am leveling hunters wherever I want more prof coverage since I like hunters the most.

Let me learn all the profs on one toon AND let me have more storage space and I would almost certainly trim back to a single toon. I don't expect that to happen anytime soon though.
Check my third :)
EDIT: Supposed to be a reply to some worgen scum above me.
everything is working as intended except the stuff that is intended to work.

Take a look at Blood Legion's roster...see all those DKs named Rigg(something) yeah people get attached to a class.
I have four dks, two on each of two servers. I made the extras on other servers and then transferred them. Sure, it's money, but it's a workaround if you really want to have more than the one on a server.

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