Are you Still Thirsty? LF (dd)DK & Lock

Area 52
<Still Thirsty> is a horde progression-minded 10m guild on Area 52. We are looking for solid team players to finish out t14 and to go into t15 with a strong group, who also logs in outside of raid time like most of us. We run with a tight roster. These spots are for full time raiding, not bench time. -We do not recruit for the bench.-

We are a group of players who are a product of guilds falling apart. A portion of us raided together in Cata, and we've all ended up back together to raid again and make a mark. We are a -very- synergistic group who kill stuff and have fun doing it. We are very accommodating and flexible with various alts and specs if something is needed. New members are expected to put in as much effort as the rest of us, otherwise the weakest link will not be tolerated.

We were <Stay Thirsty>, a guild named after The Most Interesting Man in the World meme. The original GM of ST has kept the name, and this is a continuation of the same principals and a portion of the group from Cata. We are a team, not just some raiders.

Raid times are Mon-Thurs, 8pm-12am EST. Extra days may be added if everyone is available to work on new content. It's best to contact us in game via battletag (since we may be on alts), and then we can talk on mumble about details. Loot is distributed by a 3 person council and is prioritized how it'll benefit the group as a whole. We're always interested in skilled players who have the same goals as we do to continue in 5.2 and beyond. Even though a particular class/spec isn't listed, don't hesitate to inquire.

6/6H MSV
3/6H HOF, Vizier(h) 10%
1/4H elite TOES, Protectors(h) attempts

Specific classes we're looking for right now:
Tank: N/A
Healer: Druid, MW
DPS: Boomkin [high], Warlock [high], (dd)DK [high]

We use the PTR and are keeping up with the new changes of 5.2.

Contact info:
Holix - oliene#1684
Fiber - locknlawl#1635
Guild Montage Video:

Are you Still Thirsty?
I don't always bump threads. But when I do, I prefer Still Thirsty.
New need is a Priest healer.
Change of plans about the priest spot.
Need moar boom chickens and super spookey dark and edgy warlocks.
Still looking.

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