<Luminosity> 5/12 ToT LF Tank

Luminosity is a ten-man HORDE raiding guild on BARTHILAS looking for a BEAR TANK to push progression in 5.2.

We're a relatively new raid team, but we're pretty okay, I would say. We raid three nights a week, 8PM to 12PM AEST (server time) Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

Everyone in the team is approximately 498 ilvl, so something around that would be a good start, as would knowing your class and generally not being a scrub.

Please contact either of the battletags below for more information.

Pretty okay doesn't rope people in...we are smashing, yeah baby.

No seriously, mature bunch of experienced raiders from Barthilas, we hit this tier just little over a month ago and made significant progress in relatively short amount of time. Looking to fill our two permanent spots as per above to get a fresh start in 5.2. This is a progression focused, level headed group within a very supportive guild, big egos need not apply.

* Healer role: n/a
* Tank role: Blood DK, Prot Paladin, Guardian Druid
* DPS role: Rogue

For contact refer to OP.

Thank You
How come eighty is better at this than you esc?

And yes, all of the above, plus...

we're sassy, we're cute, we're popular to boot! We're !@#$%in'... Great hair! The boys all love to stare!

Also possibly recruiting a Rogue.
+1 for this team of guys!
I feel bad for having to leave you guys! GREAT RAID TEAM!*

*except for Escalier, he's only OK
Bump for 3/12 and REALLY REALLY REALLY NEED guardian drood
Hi there,

Just wondering if you still need a Prot Paladin for your team. I am currently 13/16 T14 1/12 ToT. Had a slow progression into T14 with lost of people to RL and a shackey start to 5.2 ToT. Looks like the team I am in will probably dissolve so am looking for a new and stable home. Currently sitting on 495 ilevel.

Have cleared all content from WotLK with ToGC achv, 11/12hm ICC, T11 12/12norm 2/12hm, 7/7 hm FL & 8/8hm DS.

Raid days and times are good for me. If interested, you can contact me on BattleTag TheVIK#1141. Thank you
Currently 4/12

@Thuggzy, we will discuss it and let you know hopefully no later than Sunday. Your chances are quite good though.
Currently 5/12, still need that bear.
What a joke of a guild was Luminosity. Drabella is a !@#$ and Tauro with his over kill power rants over nothing....
prettymuch, since as you can see luminosity is dead.
Too shy to post on your mage snowy?
Too shy to post on your mage snowy?


Don't know why I was even on that alt... Maybe worked comp :)
The only mention of Luminosity is in the title, all the participants have since changed guild. Such an odd place to pick a fight. Drinking and forums dont mix well
Did you find that tank?
We gave up. We just run with one bad tank and whoever has the highest threat from DPS is the OT.

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