{H} Amicus Fortis Needs 1 DPS & 1 Healer

Area 52
Amicus Fortis is a guild that was formed by a small group of friends during Firelands that wanted to raid in a causal but effective manner, progressing while having fun. The guild originally was formed on Dawnbringer, but due to that server's overwhelming amount of fail, the guild decided to move to Area 52 to improve raid opportunities. Our core raid group is composed of mature players that know how to have fun and get along, but focus and bring the performance during raiding. Our raid schedule is Thursday 8-10, Sat and Sun 8-11, all times server. The guild provides repairs, flasks, pots, crafting mats, enchants, and buff food for raiders to go along with a friendly community. If you are looking for a small, but active guild community that will provide ample opportunities for you to raid successfully without pushing towards burnout, then Amicus Fortis could be the guild for you.

About You:

You are a mature player that is looking for a smaller, but stable guild that will allow you to be an active raiding member. You preferably have some raiding background beyond LFR and know how to play your class effectively and how to NOT STAND IN THAT. You will be able to regularly make at least 2 raid nights a week. You have mumble(or can download it) and have overcome your fear of new people enough to speak on it. You know how to accept constructive criticism and listen to feedback on issues affecting your performance. Your gear will be properly gemmed, enchanted, and reforged and you have two professions that are at least nearing max level. You do not mind run on sentences tied together with a lot of and usage. You are not a diva, drama queen, jerk, or that wow chick (you know the one, yeah that one that wants all the guys to pay attention drool over how great she sounds in mumble). You are not looking to be carried to kills and gear, but would prefer to carry your weight and push the rest of the raid group to max their performance. If this sounds like you then you may be looking at the right guild.

Current recruitment needs are:

Mistweaver -- Monk
Disc or Holy -- Priest -- Very much needed.

Any Dps

If you are interested in more information contact Iridessâ(alt 0226 for the a), Keramon , or Melliemo -- {BattleTag --Mahlyssa#1962} in game. Or really anyone from the guild can help you out. Or check out our website at http://amicusfortis52.enjin.com/forum
Look forward to seeing some apps soon. Thanks.
If you are a healer, know what you're doing and like downing content - then give Amicus Fortis a look over.
We like healers - come heal so I can take Saturday nights off to do other things...like laundry...
I also heard normal modes were all dead....
The funny green man speaks the truth.
Bump for Healz!
We are seeking good heals. Please don't let me die.

See Kaustic or Mehlyssa for information. We are currently 5/12. If you don't see Kaustic or Mehlyssa online, any Amicus Fortis member can direct you to them.
Except Not Mehlyssa.. Its Melliemo now! ugh forgot to put that
Well I did say any guildy can point ya in the right direction. :P

/bump for Mehlyssa, I mean Melliemo, I mean...oh forget it :P
Still looking for some good heals.
Still looking.
Bump!!! Also Loot!@#$%s need NOT apply. Thanks :)

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