Area 52
To Everyone that has checked out McBeefin's post, thanks. We look forward to hearing from you.
I think you got your iLevels wrong in the title.
Hey guys,

Check out

We have 2 groups running at the moment. Group 1 is 8/16 HM, Group 2 is only 14/16 NM (we just started in early January... not too bad I think). Looking for a good tank. The melee DPS, well, if you're good enough, show up on time, there can always be room for you.

We raid Wed/Thurs/Mon 9:30pm server - 12:30am server.

Check us out if you're interested. Thanks.
^ To what Kainito said.

Group 2 could use a consistent tank and mDPS, and your classes fit in well with the group comp. Please don't let their progression of 14/16N deter you, as they are a new group and have had what I would call a musical chairs of pugs in the open spots trying to find the right people for the spots.

If you 2 are confident that you can progress at a high level, and into heroic content, I don't think you will be upset with the pace of this group once the creases are ironed out.


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