Looking for herald of the titans group(horde)

preferably tank or dps, but I have pretty surea I full caster set in the bank that i could go chant/gem up with some effort.

This would be for Tuesday or afterwards, I got saved to an ulduar 25 this past week getting a bunch of gear(mostly caster gear in the end) from some people that were nice enough to carry me.
215 item level horde brewmaster monk, geared and waiting for a herald run. If we can get some interested players to post up here we can start setting this up. I'm on est, but willing to work with days/ times.
id like to join too... spriest
Is this still going? Me and a few guildies are gearing up for it now.
I'd love to come on a Herald run on this toon. I'm geared as well as I'm going to be, only thing I'm slacking on is ilvl 200 DMF trinkets. Everything is 226 or close enough. If anyone is interested in picking me up for a run, my ID is Kindar#1637
My guild and I have around 5 geared and ready members looking to do this. We are all close to BiS gear and everything. We are in need of 1 tank/dps , another healer, and 3 dps. Add my ID Scott#1315 if you are interested in setting up a time to get this going.
If this is still going would love to join, would have to nerf the gear some since I havent played since ICC, but still wouldn't be difficult to do that. Can tank/dps!

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