Open Libram LXX: Lord of Thunder

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Probably for the best, they said if you hadn't cleared all the normal modes, you were going to have a hard time in ToT
The recent frost DK adjustments is mostly to correct what will happen when we lose our 2 piece.

They really messed up balancing Retribution/Frost DKs when it came to this tiers set bonuses, making them incredibly powerful. Losing them would have hurt specs that already aren't that high (relative to others) as far as damage goes.

The old two piece increases obliterate/frost strike by 10%, which for 2H is pretty something like a 7% damage increase, it would have been felt pretty badly in ToT if they didn't adjust it. 5.2 adjusts that bonus to 4% but compensates more than enough so that overall we will see a damage buff.

It feels weird giving frost DKs damage buffs when it comes to PvP and I guess there is some collateral damage in that regard, but most DKs are going to be going UH as it's far stronger.
Wasnt aware UH was that good, thought it was forgotten again.
Gary doesn't require RP, ebon plague gives frost fever with plague strike (not sure if I should remove frost strike on my bar now), gary does shadow damage along with nature. Been trying to find out if Mastery is going to be the top stat but the DK forums isn't really helpful.

Not sure what race to change my DK to.
Orc for pet damage but they're so ugly
Undead for their new racial and will of the forsaken will be handy the few times I bg.
People flock to frost because honestly it's one of the easiest specs to play in the game. This coming from a DK, but it's arguably pretty faceroll.

UH is really good right now actually. I wouldn't personally use it in BGs because having a pet is typically a liability, but the pressure it produces is pretty insane. Most top DKs currently even without the changes go UH because the pressure is higher on a consistent basis. Diseases have traditionally been damage people can ignore, but since this expansion UH diseases hit hard. If you didn't notice UH pressure in 5.1 you will feel it in 5.2 with a 15% disease damage buff.

UH has lots of QoL changes coming its way.

Orcs are absolutely beautiful and you should go Orc anyway. The amount of stuns in this game is pretty out of this world and reducing the duration of them by any amount is really felt, especially when you're fighting scumbag warriors.
You cant be an orc paladin though, and hopefully never can.

I have a tough decision tonight

Do I log in and daily it up with the 2309842098 other people on my server, or do I go by the store and pick up Wreck-It Ralph and watch it with my girlfriend.
Orc Paladins would never be true Paladins - they'd be Sun Shaman.
Such a good movie, mah childhood.
wreck-it ralph came out today? IM GONNA BUY IT

Still relevant
Now that I'm not raiding it's time to decide which character to level next .. too many to choose from.
I got a couple of low level ally alts that I'm looking forward to leveling. Not sure if I want to jump on the stuff for the new patch or get my dk to 90.
Servers are not allowed to come back up before I get home from class - in six hours! Share in my suffering! >_<
Yknow grog, that probably wouldnt be surprising if that came true
Yknow grog, that probably wouldnt be surprising if that came true

Somebody asked me last night when servers were going down and for how long. I said that they're scheduled to be down for from 1a server for 10 hours, but because it's patch day plan on that actually being 16 hours. We're at 12 hours now (I think).
General is saying they're coming up

But its General saying it

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