<One Shot> (1/13 H) Recruiting Healers

<One Shot> is an adult 10 man raiding guild located on the Stormrage server. We pride ourselves with our achievements and teamwork. We are currently looking for more competitive progression focus people to continue moving forward.

One Shot is a guild built on some very strong values that is lost today. Values such as Honor, Respect, Loyalty, and Integrity. We are looking for people that share the same value as us to grow together into a wonderful place to raid and progress through end game content. One thing we want most of all are good people. We want people that take pride in what they do and how they perform. Big egos never killed a boss but pride and the desire to achieve have.

Our Raid Schedule
Mon/Tues/Wed/Thur 7-10:30 pm EST

About our schedule. We are looking for people that likes to play WoW. We want people who are here to play the game and enjoy just being in a good social environment. WoW is not just about raiding but a place where people come to escape reality to relax and enjoy themselves. In other words, we are not looking for people who just sign on for raids but are here and active doing other things with the guild.

Our Current Progression
1/13 Heroic ToT

6/6 Heroic MSV
4/6 Heroic HoF
4/4 ToES

Currently Recruiting (Should be at least 505 item level with a background of heroic progression)

Disc/Shadow priest (must know atonement healing)
Holy Pally
Mistweave Monk

Frost/Blood DK
BM/WW Monk

We encourage anyone who is interested to apply. Although a spot may not be open right away we are always in the need for fill ins and do our best to make sure people are seeing encounters and progressing. If it is a core spot you are looking for the best way to get it is to already be here when it opens.

Looking for healers. We need solid and experienced healers that know how to work high damage encounters. Must have a solid background of healing.

We encourage all people interested in becoming part of this wonderful growing and progressing guild to apply.

In order for us to keep the great atmosphere we have in the guild we do have a couple of simple requirements...

  • We are looking for active people
  • Must be over the age of 23
  • No Trolls, not in guild chat, not in trade chat
  • Must be on time and prepared for raids
  • Must come with knowledge of encounters
  • Must be able to use mumble, have a working mic and not be shy to use it
  • Most of all be a good and fun person to hang out with
  • Real ID: Krazy#1922
    Website: www.1shot.enjin.com
    Will be trying out a Blood DK for our team. Must also have and know how to DPS.
    I decided to switch my main from a Warlock to a DK in 5.2 but im still gearing it up primarily as Blood, but with a Frost off spec.
    On my warlock, im 16/16 and 1/12 with MoP raiding.
    But going to guess your not looking for someone who still has to catch up in gear, but if you dont mind that I am however a very experience raider in Tanking, Healing, Ranged and Melee DPS since Vanilla.

    Vanilla i was main tank (warrior) through MC, BWL, AQ40.
    BC i was a tank for 1/2 the expansion then a Shaman healer for the rest of the expansion.
    Wrath i was a Elemental Shaman for the whole expansion.
    In Cata i was Enhance Shaman for its entirety.
    and in MoP my Warlock till 5.2 which im switching to my DK.

    If you are willing to talk, i will add you and i will contact you in game.

    Another Boss down. 5/12 in ToT

    Still looking for Tier 15 ready

    Frost/Blood DK
    Holy Pally

    We welcome people working on raiding. If you are currently not geared for what we are doing you are still welcomed to join while you work on it. All interested people please Visit our website, fill out the application and someone will get back to you.
    I will continue to work on my tanking and dps gear, and when its at a point that you might find acceptable i will app on your website. I just don't want to waste your time filling out an application at this point but i wanted to put my foot in the door as i feel i would fit in with your guilds "Put out or Get out" attitude, and your view on adults only in the raid team.
    Another boss dead. Post update. 6 down 6 more to go. Get in while we still have spots. Check out our website. Currently in need of

    Holy Pally
    DPS DK w/tanking off spec

    Also trying out
    Boomkin w/ resto off spec.

    If interested check out our website. All your questions can be answered there. Feel free to contact me in game or drop us a message on our site. We are expecting people to be geared for Throne.
    What iLvL is "Geared for Thorne" in your guilds eyes?
    What iLvL is "Geared for Thorne" in your guilds eyes?

    well from my personal experience if you are a player who excels at your class you can get away with 490, if you are better than average 495 and if you are just ok you need 500+. There may not be "enrage timers" in ToT but there are a lot of dps checks and being a dk tank you should be doing on average for a single target fight 80k+ dps if it is aoe stuff 100k+ and like council 150k+ for example. Blood dk's provide a good amount of dps for a tank and it does help guilds progress faster as a blood dk dps can make up for a couple other players dps that might be slacking.
    We are also working on a 2nd group that will take place over the weekend in the evening. This group will be starting out most likely in tier 14 content so if you are around 485 or better and would like a steady group check us out. We currently have openings for all in this group. Tanks, Heals, and a mix of DPS. Please apply on our site.
    Looking for Mage and Holy Pally.
    Updating post. We are currently 8/12.

    We are still looking for a Mage and Holy Pally.

    We are also looking to try out experienced healers. Must have an excellent background on healing. Item level should be enough to do current content (Tier 15).

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