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Metric System - LGBT Friendly Raiding

Players who join Metric System can expect to be part of a casually serious environment that will make steady progress through heroic modes on a two day schedule. The officer team has much heroic raiding experience, as well as years of leadership experience.

After finishing Tier 14 with 9/16H, Metric underwent some changes to our core raiding teams that left us in an awkward spot heading to 5.2! However, since then we've bounced back and have two raid teams progressing into heroic content in T15!

Metric System was started primarily by a small group of friends with the intent of creating a cohesive, accepting, and engaging environment to enjoy the game in. We are not, nor will we ever be, a hardcore raiding guild. We are a casual, yet serious guild that will raid with the intent of progression. We will stay current with any new released content and recruit to fulfill our roster accordingly. We are a casual raiding guild and we are not striving for player firsts; we’re striving to have fun. Bigotry will not be tolerated.

We pride ourselves on being open minded.

We are on a roleplaying server and while we are not a roleplaying guild per-se, we do have several roleplayers who play and they will be supported in their endeavors. Same goes with players who prefer PVP – it is not our focus, but we will strive to be a supportive environment for that type of player as well. For more detailed rules on the policies of the guild, please read the guild rules in detail.

Team Thunder - 4/13H
Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday (?) 6:00PM-9:00/9:30PM Server Time (PST)
Looking for a hunter or a mage!

We are always willing to accept social ranks and alternates!

How to Apply:
Go to our website and make an account - using the apply button located under the "Recruitment" tab, access and complete the application.

All new members will be put under a trial period of at least two weeks. The trial may be longer, depending on the circumstances. Social members and raiders are subject to trial.

Website: http://metricsystem-wra.com
Guild Leader: Kulu (Battletag: Tyler#1181)
Officers: Tarlithion, Scrumble
Patch day patch day!

You know what's an awesome thing to do while servers are down? Drop us an app!
i put a app in 490 aff warlock i know i'm not a healer lol but i'm fine with bein a sub or as u call a alternates
03/05/2013 08:43 AMPosted by Sholmer
i put a app in 490 aff warlock i know i'm not a healer lol but i'm fine with bein a sub or as u call a alternates

We'll take a look!

Dang was going to put a app out for healer spot but i dunno now kinda of got me thinking just dont sound right
Yes, a few people lost raid spots. We condensed to two raiding teams. To say we kicked anyone without explanation is deceitful - everyone who was removed from a spot was taken aside and talked to. People might not have liked the explanations given.

It had everything to do with performance, attitudes, and the dynamic of the existing raid members. We took the players that performed consistently and to a high level. Whether you want to believe that is on you.

This is something that happens in progression raiding groups. It was a necessary change and we do stand by that.

But I do enjoy you coming into our recruitment thread and trying to stir the pot - it's not warranted, nor wanted, so move along. Kthx. And for the record - anyone who has inquired about our guild has been enlightened to the changes. But again, move along.
A note, as an officer -- everyone that left the guild left of their own accord; no one was "kicked." Though we recognize that we may not have enacted our decision in the best way, it was a decision that still needed to be made in order for both teams to continue progression. We have since sincerely apologized to our members for our methods and are moving on in a professional, dedicated, transparent manner with our two teams (which are 2/13 as of last night!)


<3 (and that was a joke. We make jokes. You should still app to our guild.)
I am sad to see someone trying to cause drama, Metric System is a extremely diverse and chill guild with lots of wonderful people in it. I understand there was some people upset about the tentative 3rd raid group removal and restructuring of groups but no one was kicked out and to bring the drama here like they are some kind of uncaring jerks is just extremely backwards.

That being said; I highly recommend anyone interested to apply to the guild and see for themselves how crazy/funky/cool we are!
Wobegon, you're a really good guy and we enjoyed having you as a guildmate. That said, if you have a personal issue, please act like the adult you are and take it up with one of us in person, one-on-one. Everyone else that had a problem with how we handled things has done so, we've talked it over, and generally we have gone our separate ways with little problem. I'm sorry you were upset, and I'm sorry we were unclear to you, but in the end we stand by the decision and hope you can deal with it in a mature way.
Syr, Nothing I said is untrue. I don't see anything immature or childlike in relating my experience with your guild. Also, I could no longer contact people through PM in your forums, as I was removed, and you know I NEVER posted anything negative there at all. And I'm NOT about to spend my game time arguing with you guys.

Jaer, there is a problem with booting us off our established team (we were on Ivory) the week before new content hits. Your timing sucks.

But to both of you, I have nothing against you personally. I'll admit, I think most of the people in Metric are pretty cool. But your decision to restructure us (5) off the teams as we were all getting ready to hit 5.2 running wasn't crazy/funky/cool. Heh.

That being said, congrats on being 2/13 - we'll get there too once we have time to put a team back together.
Best of luck with your future endeavors. However, if you have any other concerns, please address us directly in-game as opposed to our recruitment post. Thanks. :-)

Anyway - still aiming for a strong Resto Druid, though we'd consider other healers also!
It's a big world, G. We're bound to run into you again.
Till then, keep your unit on ya!
Still hoping to get some bites on a LW Healer!
Looking still! :D
Bump for the cool peeps! Hope you get your healer soon!
*noms on Tavae*

Found our healer - a guildy came back from a hiatus. Woot! We are still recruiting alternates and social members.

Looking to get some more folks in for RBGs also!

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