5.2 Secondary Stat Priority Question

Disclaimer: I am an LFR hero who is in a casual guild that is very slowly working on normal modes. I will not see the inside of a heroic mode MoP raid until some time next xpac.

Given the disclaimer above, I was wondering the following about secondary stat priorities in 5.2. From what I was reading at various spots (here and at MMO-Champ) it seems for Destro GoSup single target that Mastery, Haste and Crit will be very close in terms of weight. In light of that, I was thinking of using a Mastery>Haste>Crit reforging and gemming strategy. It seemed to me that this would work reasonably well for Destro GoSup but still allow me to switch to Afflic GoSac for those fights where that would be beneficial without having to re-forge, re-gem on the fly.

Does that make any sense at all?
perfect sense
you know its funny cause im in very much the same situation as you and was kinda thinking along the same lines. this is an alt but im just not happy with mage atm so ive been actively playing this one. honestly id like to hear how it goes for you. but like ken siad it makes perfect sense
It can really change from fight to fight, but remember, your pets (unless Demo) do not benefit from mastery. I like the playstyle of haste as Destro right meow.

Honestly, because you don't intend to see real raiding gear, you're better off learning Demonology. Affliction doesn't really pick up until higher ilvl's.
sim keeps telling me to put mastery into haste or crit. apparently mastery is better wen u have lots o embers and multiple targets (because of havoc cleave i imagine) but i didn't like it and refuse to reforge between every battle. im balls deep crit now, but before i was going almost even haste/crit with mastery all back of the bus and sheet

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