[H]<Holy Order> 2/13H 10m LFM Skilled Raiders

Raids are 3 nights a week:

Tuesday/Friday/Monday 10:30pm-2:00am EST

Open Recruitment of the following for a core spot in the roster:

Really almsot any class/spec will be considered if you're a skilled and dedicated raider, we can adjust.

(We do not rotate or make people sit, if you're in, you're in every raid.)

Current progression 12/12 + 2/13HM

We apologize for the lousy guild name - we transfered to Zul'jin at the start of this tier and bought this lvl 25 guild. :)
We are a group of veteran raiders very experienced in HM raiding (Full heroic clears + glory on every tier ICC->DS all when relevant, under Hug Vendor@Proudmoore-US)
, but didnt take T14 seriously and only got 6/16H on approximately 3-4 hours a week of raiding due to attendace issues and low horde population on our previous realm.

Looking for experienced raiders who are capable of commitment and solid attendance.
Please leave info if interested or contact Melua / Aeoliah / Artturo / Necrostud in game.
my btag: neb#1674
Hey there saw your post and def intrested. 501 Bear tank, I am on Hyjal atm but looking at transfering, my raid team fell apart this past week due to school finals and no shows. would like to chat if your still looking for a tank. Mise0en0place1@aol.com is my realid.

talked in game , still LFM dps and 1 healer
I saw your post and I am very interested. I transferred to this server because my old raid group on my old server fell apart. I have a 490 ele/480enh/487resto shaman. Id rather DPS but the offspec is also availiable. I can also go ele or enh, whichever is most needed for 5.2 raiding! Hit me up in game my realid is sweeney2444@hotmail.com. Thanks for the consideration and your time.

arrived , still LFM
updated - raiding this friday ToT fresh
What are y'all still looking for? Myself and a friend who play a mage are looking to server transfer and from this post it sounds exactly like what we're looking for. Also from a low pop, impossible to get people server (Bronzebeard! XD) Hit me up on BT at butterbuns#1622 if you'd like to talk.
three7six#1958 or this toon, interested
updated . definitely full on priests.
Bumpsies for deeps
Bump for melee dps or hunter!
I have a 491 Ele/resto shaman looking for a raiding guild. Shamandrus is the name, hit me up in game if interested! THanks!
still LFM Melee/hunter/moonkin mainly
kilromi is a spy
Hello, I'm interested in joining as a raid member are there any further requirements ?
I have previous raiding experience in both normal and heroic modes
updated needs - last core spot left: Melee/Hunter/Moonkin or Resto/Moonkin

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