Glyph suggestions for new Demo warlock?

I was spec'd as Destruction, and now an playing around with Demonology. I said in a previous thread that I did not like the purple suit, but I guess I am getting used to it. I find that I am frequently turing Metamorphisis on and off. Build up demonic fury, then spend it. Before the pet dies, lol.

I would like some help with picking Glyphs. I have purchased Glyph of Felguard and Glyph of Imp Swarm. Would like to know what the Felguard glyph does, is that just cosmetic or does it effect weapon damage? How do people find the Imp Swarm Glyph. I picked it because I figured I can call on a Swarm when things get dicey. I like having stuff in reserve for tight spots.

Any gllyph suggestions appricated, although keep in mind I'm only lvl 50 right now. I can switch glyphs later if I make it past 70, lol
Glyph of felguard is purely cosmetic, it just equips a weapon in your bag, but gives no extra stats.

Glyph of imp swarm is your fury builder because of all the attacks they send out, you should use it every time its off cd, it's in your general tab of your abilities alongside your human racial.

You should also get Glyph of Healthstone, it doubles the healing effect of your healthstone, but makes it heal over time instead of immediate. Make a castsequence macro to use dark regeneration and that at the same time if needed, because dark regeneration increases all healing effects by 25% so it makes your healthstone even more effective.

I would suggest Glyph of Demon training if you're demonology, it's a huge part of helping your demons reach their full potential!
I really would just suggest to view my talents and glyphs. Man let me tell you it made a big difference in my game. Don't worry about soul fire, ever. Shadow bolt rarely if you just want 1.5 seconds to rest your spamming hands. Other than that, fel flame filler hand of guldan, doom and corruption up at all times. Dark soul with at least 75% fury + imp swarm + grimoire of service.... pop into meta and spam shadow bolt/touch of chaos. We're talking stupid damage.

Reasons? 1 imp swarm is great burst and helps you stay in meta longer if you pop it just prior to going into meta. 2 service is about burst and let's face it in single target fights ie bosses and pvp kill targets that's what counts and all demo has 1v1. 3 demon training improves felguard's health which in turn increases sacrificial pact's shield. 4 hand of guldan being able to target an area vs cast at target allows for more to be hit by the skill in turn giving more dps and more fury.

Demo, as i've come to learn, is more about it's insta casts than anything. I wouldn't usually help an alliance player bc.... well i'm horde. BUT... you're name made me lol so.

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