<Kills Internet Monsters> [H] 10-man LFM Core

Area 52
<Kills Internet Monsters> is looking for like minded raiders to fill out our ranks.

Currently, we are 14/14 and working on heroic modes.

Raid times are Tue 10:00PM - 1AM and Thu 10:00PM - 1AM, upon occasion we add a Monday night clean up raid. Our short raiding week is great for folks with a personal life, but the trade off is we really want our folks here at every raid.

Guild provides repairs, and your friendly raid mates are typically happy to share their feasts, pots and flasks if you haven't had time to buy/farm more. We have a full guild bank of various things like gems and pots/food to share with all.

We are primarily looking for some guildmates, folks who enjoy playing with us and are willing to put some effort forth for the team. Guild members tend to be 21 - 40 years old, we are an even mix of US and Canadian players, and our guild is actually bilingual English and whatever Prozzac and Sinusite speak, they claim it's French.

The guild has been together for quite a while, and a few of us have played together since Vanilla.

Current needs could be filled by:

Elemental Shaman
Shadow Priest
WW Monk

You need to be 545 ilvl and at least close to having your cloak to trial. Typically we have a trial run with us a couple times before extending a guild invite.

If you are interested, reply here, friend me at Aradel#1241, or speak with any member online.
Looking for more!
^ to the top.
Still looking for a good fit player.
LFM to have some 5.2 fun . Social and PvP members welcome too!
Updated, still looking for a good player (or maybe even 2)
Stuff died tonight, updated the post!
This week we'll be finishing ToES and starting on ToT. We could still use a good player to help us out!
Damn... wish you guys take ret pallies. Good luck to your search though.
Bump! Need druid mage or dk goodness!

And, Aglaea, feel free to add my battletag. You never know. Aradel#1241
Jin'rokh died easily, working on Horridon.
^ updated.
^ Join us. We only bite if you ask nicely.

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