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7/9 Golds
Horde holy paladin

Looking for
Scarlet Monastery

Able to go for the next few hours
5 gold, 2 silver, 503ilvl enhancement shaman LF Niuzao, Stormstout, SM, or SPM gold run. I have all consumables, I'm not stupid, I do great damage, and I don't die to stupid things. Looking to go today, as soon as possible.


5/9 Gold - 4/9 Silver
Horde Elemental shaman looking to do:
Gold Scholomance
Gold Gate of the Setting Sun
Gold Temple of Jade Serpent
Gold Scarlet Monastery

Add my btag, bno#1234

Usually up pretty late on EST but I'm down to get a challenge mode down before class in 3 hours.
7/9 hunter LFG Sm and Gate fast gold runs
Horde Resto/Moonkin Druid, 16/16H experienced.
Available anytime besides Mon-Thurs, 5-9PST
Looking to get 9/9 Gold.
I've only done a few silvers with some pugs. Looking for 9/9 Gold. Willing to pay gold for a full 9/9 group.
Battletag: Beezy#1948
1/9 Gold LF all golds but siege

Ele sham on between 12 p.m. EST to 1 a.m. EST: Available Now

Exp: Gold Siege (realm record)
Silver MSP

Have watched all Aftermath guides

Have Flask, Elixirs, Feast, invis pots (18s and 15s)
also have Drums of the forgotten kings (4% pally kings), and drums of speed (15% movement speed for 30 secs)

Btag: Phoenix#12582
LF a Great group to do Challenge Modes Gold with.

10/16H, geared and experienced.

7/9 Gold LF, SM, SCHOLO!

503 Resto / 497 Elemental.

Have all necessary consumables etc.

On all day, erry day.

Give us a Pm teebee#6765.
4/9 Gold WW monk


Jade Temple
MSP (silvered)

Have TWO AOE stuns, and all consumables.

Dont be afraid of dps monks.

Prot warrior 0/9 Gold, 1/9 silver

Looking to get some gold times in, I'm available usually any time I'm online except tues/wed nights.

Rdruid LFG I come prepared with consumables and patience Fox#11860

Available tonight anytime past 6pm PST
LFG to do ToJS

8/9 Gold Challenge Modes
16/16 Heroic Experience
510 ilvl
Can play any spec
I have pots/food/flask/invis pots

Ally paladin Ret: 472, Holy: 489.
0/9 have skype/vent/dolby


will be on all day!
Alliance Frost DK - all gear optimized and 463+

I have all my own consumables (pots, food, flasks, invis pots, Stam scrolls)

I am 0 / 9, having only stepped inside two and not finished them due to un-prepared guildies, but I have read up on them all, watched videos and know my class and DPS inside and out. I know I can't say I have experience but I won't let you down if you give me a shot. I would like to get gold in all 9 so I'm willing to go to any of them.

I will be on from now until midnight EST today. Battle Tag is Katsu#1286. :)
8/9G ilvl 389 Holy Paladin/Ret Paladin looking to finish up last CM for Transmog:

-Mogu'shan Palace

Need a tank and a mage. pst asap. Trying to get it done today.

Brewmaster monk with experience. Have all potions/flasks needed. Available Thursday-Sunday. Add me if you need a
502 Prot/Fury Warrior
8/9 Gold

Looking to do SPM

Warlock with experience
Has 15-18s invis flasks and food
Pref mornings US server but available anytime.
Have all gems and enchants on challenge set
Alliance looking for a challenge mode team.
Available very often
Currently looking for 9/9 gold
2/9 gold (TJS and Shado-pan are done)
2/9 silver
Have food/flasks/potions
Battletag Yarv#1980
Ready to go ASAP!

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