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5/9 Gold

Looking for:
- Mogu'shan Palace
- Scarlet Monastery
- Shado-Pan Monastery
- Temple of the Jade Serpent

2/9 Gold BM/Surf Hunter Looking for a group tomorrow, anytime.

Very good awareness, pots, flasks, feasts ready.

Looking for experienced group for some quick clears.

Horde side

PST Drayke#1523

online nowwwww
Alliance Resto Druid

Looking for all of them.

Talented, dedicated, and willing to take my time to learn.

Horde Brewmaster

Looking for Challenge modes I'm free tonight.

2/9 experience
Brewmaster monk.

Online now and ready to do Shado-Pan Monastery and The Siege of Niuzao Temple challenge modes!

9/9 gold experience on guardian druid
7/9 gold on brewmaster monk

Horde Frost/Blood DK

9/9 Experience

Looking for Gate of the Setting Sun and Mogu'shan Palace (Golds)

Alliance - 489 Ret/469 (463 set for challenge modes) hpali
Looking for gold in all.
Have consumables, skype/mumble/vent
Experienced Moonkin LFG.

Plenty of experience (I'm 7/9 golds including mage experience

Have all consumables and such.

Looking for Healer /Tank/Heroism DPS for SM GOLD

9/9 Xp'd dps wanna quickly get this done

[A] 4/9 Gold Team LF tank and healer for Gold Mogu'shan Palace to go NOW.

Battletag: Realest#1323
Alliance Frost Mage
8/9 Gold Modes, looking for Mogushan Palace to finish off.

All consumables at the ready, Silver completions and Gold attempts made
Available now and all day.

Battletag: Paintedowl#1128

Went 9/9 today. Thank you to everyone for their help! If anyone wants assistance, look me up. <3
(A) Demo/Aff Lock

0/9 Gold

Have all consumes necessary, seen all vids and have little xp in CM, looking to run multiples if possible. Available almost every day! coming with skill and patience.

Add my BattleTag: Tetradactyl#1708

Online Now!

Available for Multiples Now!
Blood Tank /Frost DK

Have Flask and Pots and Vent server

8/9 Gold

Need Mogushan Palace
Online now and ready to go


Shadow Priest

Currently 7/9 Gold (9/9 experienced)

Have all consumables + G91's and patience

Looking for SSB and Temple of the Jade Serpent

Available all day Sunday 3/17/13. Drwho#1203
LFM Scholo Gold CM run please have exp.

I have 9/9 exp and want to make this quick

Add Bizcuitz#1213
new thread since this one is almost capped

9/9 Gold Experienced on two toons (Ele Shaman & Prot/Fury Warrior)
Horde Survival Hunter looking to do all 9.
I can run any night except Tuesday/Wednesday. Just let me know in advance if you can, please.
To get in contact with me, add me TheGnomeKing#1998, leave some kind of note about the request being for challenge modes please.
9/9 Gold Resto Druid (on my Resto /enhance shaman) and Prot/Fury Warrior LFG (GSS, Scholo, SM) online now!


LF DPS for Mogushan Palace Gold right now! (preferably Mage or Shaman, but if your DPS is awesome it won't matter, hehe)

I have 9/9 Gold experience on 3 toons, and I'm 8/9 on the Monk I'm healing on right now.

Holy pally, or Blood/frost DK LF Gold CMs
Lovestspooge - HPally
Dashpwnzors - DK
Battletag - Dashpwnzors#1674
Feel free to add me and wisper me in game. When adding as a friend please mention in the comment that its for CMs. Have 1 gold so far, and knowledge of other CMs and can follow direction. Have all consumables ready to go. Both toons are Horde.
Class/Spec - Horde Resto/Ele Shaman, or Hunter
Times when you're available - Sun/Mon pretty much all day, friday nights.
Which instances / Medals you're looking for - All
Experience in Challenge Modes / other creditable things - I have only attempted Jade Temple with some friends and our healer was quickly overwhelmed. I personally have lead raids since Wrath and have currently 16/16 exp in Tier 14. More than willing to watch any and all strat vids. Testing the waters here.
Your Battletag - Tonitrui#1356


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