Cross-Realm Challenge Mode Finder #10

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5/9 Gold - 4/9 Silver
Horde Elemental shaman looking to do:
Gold Scholomance
Gold Gate of the Setting Sun
Gold Temple of Jade Serpent
Gold Scarlet Monastery

Add my btag, bno#1234
7/9 gold hunter LF gold only please

Jade and SM

8/9 blood/frost DK LF gold SSB. 9/9 silver.

pookie u should log on
Resto druid LFG I come prepared with consumables and patience Fox#11860

Still online!
I am on. Readd me!
8/9 hunter lf GOLD only

need SM

Horde - Holy Paladin
Hardmode raider in Wrath/Cata (11/12h ICC25, 7/13h t11, 7/7h t12)
Recently came back to WoW.

Looking to work on Gold Clears, have only done a few runs with guildies.
Have flask/food/pots. Online quite a bit to work on stuff.

LF a Great group to do Challenge Modes Gold with.

10/16H, geared and experienced.

8/9 Gold LF SCHOLO!

503 Resto / 497 Elemental.

Have all necessary consumables etc.

On all day, erry day.

Give us a Pm teebee#6765.
need 1 dps GOLD MSP pst thedos#1876

filled sorry
need a lust and dps for scarlet halls run; been pushing last room all day.
guild run ! guaranteeing gold.

8/9 frost/blood DK still looking for gold SSB.

9/9 exp x 2 on BrM monk/resto shaman looking to do more CMs on my alt Surv/BM Hunter + Ret paladin.

Hunter =
Need Temple, Siege, Mogu'shan Palace, SM and Scholo.

Paladin =
Need everything but SH.

Thunderhowl #1277

8/9 Gold Death Knight
9/9 Gold Warlock

Looking for Jade Serpent gold on my DK

...and to push FAST times with either toon.

I'm stout Frost DPS or Tank on my DK.

I know all of the zones extremely well and while I am very happy to lead groups well, I'm comfortable following your knowing hand anytime.

8/9G Rpal/Hpal LF other 7/9 or 8/9 players to do a sweep of all the golds the group needs.

I need MSP, willing to do others to complete 9/9 for everyone in the group.

Also add me if you are interested in MSP alone with at least 1/9G exp

3/9G Holy Pally LF experienced CM gold groups all day today.

Familiar with all aftermath strats, come equipped with all consumables etc.

Alliance Aff/Demo Warlock LF Gold or Silver CM group
I've got my own Food/Pots/Flasks
Available 6pm to 11pm EST everyday but Wed/Sun
2/9 Silver Experience
Tag: Zarcon#1983

Online Now
1/9 Gold LF all golds but siege

Ele sham on between 12 p.m. EST to 1 a.m. EST: Available Now

Exp: Gold Siege (realm record)
Silver MSP
Silver SM

Have watched all Aftermath guides

Have Flask, Elixirs, Feast, invis pots (18s and 15s)
also have Drums of the forgotten kings (4% pally kings), and drums of speed (15% movement speed for 30 secs)

Btag: Phoenix#12582
485 r shammy 15/16 hm exp and 9/9 gold as a healer pov on my priest lf any golds currently 3/9 on shammy and 7/9 silver unholytotem shammy name


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