[A] Alpha is recruiting

Aerie Peak
Alpha was formed a few weeks ago by players who could not find satisfactory progression in the time slot in which we played. Unhappy with the 6/6 2/6 0/4 progression from our previous guild, we have struck out on our own. We are seeking players with similar goals, play schedules, and activity levels as the rest of the raid team.

We raid 5-7 server time Thursday, Friday, and Monday. One additional raid night may be requested at the start of 5.2. The guild provides flasks to all raiders as well as raid repairs. This is our way of rewarding active players.

The raid goal is to clear all normal mode bosses and enter into heroics every tier pre-nerf. Aerie Peak has twelve guilds that have cleared all normal mode bosses this tier. We intend to join that list in 5.2.

We are in need of one tank. I would prefer a Death Knight, but if you want what we want and can commit to this goal, I want to talk to you. We also need to fill our last DPS spot. To provide heroism, we need a Mage or Elemental Shaman. Can you pull numbers and not stand in fire? I want to talk to you.

Contact me in game. We can chat on vent to see if we can help each other enjoy this game we both play. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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