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I've started to compile a list of each battle pet that would be best (on paper) against each species. So far, I've looking at the weakness of each and combined that with what ability has a strength against it. Here is the list so far, please feel free to comment and help make additions.

The purpose of this list (for me at least) is to find the optimal battle pets for leveling others in the wild. Listed are all the species and the pets that would do best AGAINST them. There is also a slight skew towards pets with healing abilities, as I find those to be the most convenient for wild battles.

Input on what breeds would be optimal would help. I feel like high power breeds are best overall because of the healing though.

Beast deals Undead
  • Jungle Grub, Maggot, Larva, etc. - Consume
  • Feverbite Hatchling, Smolderweb Hatchling, Desert Spider, etc. - Leech Life
  • Dragonkin
    Undead deals Humanoid
  • None found, suggestions against Dragonkin?
  • Flying
    Dragonkin deals Magic
  • Celestial Dragon
  • Chrominius
  • Nether Faerie Dragon
  • Emerald Proto-Whelp
  • Undead
    Aquatic deals Critter
  • Frogs - Tongue Lash, Swarm of Flies
  • Turtles - Powerball
  • Critter
    Humanoid deals Beast
  • Corefire Imp
  • Harbinger of Flame
  • Stunted Yeti
  • Curious Wolvar Pup
  • Flayer Youngling
  • Kun-Lai Runt
  • Magic
    Mechanical deals Dragonkin
  • Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling
  • Elemental
    Critter deals Aquatic
  • Snails - Dive
  • Beast
    Flying deals Mechanical
  • None found, Pterrordax Hatchling could be optimal for this?
  • Aquatic
    Magic deals Flying
  • Jade Owl
  • Mechanical
    Elemental deals Elemental
  • So many choices, basically anything with high power and healing abilites
    I had such a list. I copied and pasted it into a document and have since edited it. I'll include what's left below. HOWEVER: don't get overinvested in this project. I made that mistake. For example, Dragon Kite is a hard Beast counter. Its sole mechanical "attack" is a weather effect. Lots of simple Mechanicals are better, if not on paper, then definitely on-screen. I leveled a Jade Owl for use against Aquatics. It's got boring basic abilities and, like, eleven hit points. Again, many birds are better in real, erm, virtual, life. Here's the edited list:

    Critter: Curious Wolvar Pup, Flayer Youngling, Harbinger of Flame, Kun-Lai Runt, and Stunted Yeti (Humanoid type with Beast attacks)

    Beast: Dragon Kite and Tuskarr Kite (Flying type with a Mechanical attack)

    Mechanical: Almost every Elemental, especially Lil' Ragnaros (Elemental types with Elemental attacks)

    Elemental: Snails (Critter type with an Aquatic attack)

    Aquatic: Enchanted Broom and Jade Owl (Magic types with (a) Flying attack(s))

    Flying: Azure Whelpling, Emerald Proto-Whelp, Emerald Whelpling, Nether Faerie Dragon, Netherwhelp, Nexus Whelpling, and Sprite Darter Hatchling (Dragonkin types with Magic attacks)

    Magic: Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (Mechanical type with a Dragonkin attack)

    Dragonkin: Scourged Whelpling (Undead type with Humanoid moves)

    Humanoid: Grubs and Spiders (Beast type with Undead attacks)

    Undead: Frogs (Leopard Tree Frog) and Turtles (Aquatic type with Critter attacks)
    @Skyquake - Thanks for the list! do you have any input on what pets do better in the 'real life'? I've basically just been grinding in Vale of Eternal Blossoms and Valley of the Four Winds with Chrominius, Emperor Crab, Celestial Dragon, and Brilliant Kaliri.
    Sorry for the delay, Teeter. My employer inexplicably feels that these forums are a suboptimal resource for employee productivity. I'll dodge your question like an enemy pet versus your strongest 4-round CD. First of all, a LOT has changed today and I'm not up to speed. Second of all, I'm not sure there's always any one good answer. For example, I think that generally a critter with tongue lash and powerball is better against undead than any frog or snail because the ability to bump your speed so tongue lash deals 33% more damage is usually better than the 35% damage reduction for being an aquatic.

    By the way, it's generally conceded that grinding is fine AFTER you have beaten all the easy dailies by two-manning (two-petting?) the easier trainers after getting in one lick with the pet you are leveling. Don't forget that every trainer (not just the 12 that reward bags) offers a daily and lower-level pets get a boat-load of exp. Good heavens, Shattrath dude has all aquatics- just park an alt right there in town. I'm very new like yourself and I can't yet two-pet them all but I can do enough to get a couple of level ones within sniffing distance of 25 in a couple of hours. Cheers!
    i am really starting to think the people behind the balancing of this pet system don't actually pvp for the weekly quest against random opponents. And instead just rely on data fed to them from other departments in terms of pet usage, comps and winning %'s.

    Anyone in any position of creative input or design who was actually playing this system, might actually agree that a couple of vanity pets or two pet-family combos or a very small margin of players, are dominating the pvp scene for the weekly quest nonsense right now.

    Sure. The rest of us should just be better at playing our comps. Sure.

    Sure, some of us can go back to farming the creepy crawley as though we haven't been trying since ICC and are not just that unlucky.. or not consider that just maybe some of the pet combinations dominating the weekly pokemon scene are completely out of whack.

    But nah.

    Learn to use your pets, nub. Just be as good as the other guy.


    As Hearus said. All the work has been done for you.
    Undead deals Humanoid
    None found, suggestions against Dragonkin?

    Scourged Whelpling's Darkness is still Humanoid.

    Flying deals Mechanical
    None found

    There's almost no sources of Mechanical damage outside Mechanical pets except the occasional Call Lightning, Demolish, or maybe Batter. Most Beast types lose out because of how heavily crowded their moveset is with exclusively Beast attacks.

    Most "counters" depend less on the defensive typing of the pet compared to the enemy's typing, and more on what manner of offense the enemy pet is using. For example, an Undead gets no defensive benefit against a Nether Faerie Dragon, because it is using Magic attacks, and sometimes Flying damage.

    In cases such as Undead, most "counters" really depend on the incoming Critter damage or other evasion moves. High HP Undead take forever to kill and thus win many 1v1s even if the enemy is an Aquatic which takes reduced damage from Undead attacks. So, as noted, a Frog is quite good but less so because of being Aquatic and more so because of reliable constant Critter damage.
    Quoting Skyquake,
    Beast: Dragon Kite and Tuskarr Kite (Flying type with a Mechanical attack)

    Tuskarr Kite does not have a Mechanical attack.
    I have been looking for a Flying type with a Mechanical attack and have not found any.
    Macabre Marionette is undead with a humanoid attack.
    Quoting Skyquake,
    Beast: Dragon Kite and Tuskarr Kite (Flying type with a Mechanical attack)

    Tuskarr Kite does not have a Mechanical attack.
    I have been looking for a Flying type with a Mechanical attack and have not found any.

    There are two flying pets with a mech attack; dragon kite and skywisp moth. Both pets have the 5 round cooldown mech attack 'lightning storm'. No other flying pets have a mech attack, and none have a spammable one.
    Try the Stunted Yeti against dragonkin. I haven't found much. Also try the Death Talon Whelpguard.
    The Harbinger of Flame from Molten Core is incredibly deadly against dragonkin and the Cogblade Raptor from neat Toshley's Station in Blade's Edge Mts is just as overwhelming against beasts. The Menagerie Guardian from Kharazan is very powerful against beasts too.

    Oh, and against critters, get a flayer youngling from above Terrokar Forest.
    Kun Lao Runt- strongest all around pet- even when he's weak he still can two hit -find him and use a flawless stone on him because you will only find him poor quality.

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