<Seraph> 25m Late Night Team Recruiting DPS


Seraph is adding a few more damage dealing raiders to our Main 25m Raid Team.

I am currently looking for the following DPS classes:

Death Knight

We are currently 7/16 heroic in 5.1 after a rough start, but have rebounded back and are killing bosses again with relative ease.


Thursday: 11-2am
Sunday: 11-2am
Monday: 11-2am

Any further information about the Seraph Raiding Community can be found on our website:


I, and my guild leadership, are very approachable, so feel free to send us a tell in game if you have any questions.

I forgot to mention that we serve taco bar with every raid.
We also give taco kisses.
Holykillah goes down on all new recruits.
I'm looking forward to the new tier.
Seraph is 2/16 and raiding raiding raiding and raiding this week, so get in on the fun that is the new tier. Second boss trash is the most fun ever.
Tortos going down tomorrow!!! go Seraph!
Two bosses down tonight!! Puts us @ 5/12 in 25man so far WE'RE HAVING A BLAST. Amazing and Reliable Players please apply at; Seraphguild.com!!!
2 more tonight perhaps?
Frost Dks and/or Windwalker Monks??? come prove yourselves!!
up we gooo.
Do you guys still need a ret pally?
www.Seraphguild.com is the website. if you go to ''Recruitment'' you can see our current needs. alternatively, Ilpad, Pops, Wubwubs or Zugzug in-game (or any obvious alteration of those names) would be your main source of information. Hope this helps!!
501 Spriest/489 lock thinking of xfering to this realm and just looking into options right now. Pst me at Starryheaven#1422 if you are interested :)
What about lockqt?? ;)
lockqt? i had a friend named that, yes. but my other lock friend might be interested in xferring as well

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