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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Greetings!<Standard Nerds> is a 10-man Alliance guild on Saurfang. The guild consists of people who have been friends in the game (and out) for many years and we’ve just recently banded together in order to continue our successes as we push ourselves to clear the current tier in preparation for 5.2.

We’re currently seeking additional DPS to join our fine raid team. In particular we are looking for some experienced Ranged DPS.

In particular we would like –

    • Boomkin
    • Shadow Priest
    • Mage
    • Elemental Shaman

While we are specifically looking at the required class listed above, all other classes are more than welcome to apply and will be considered.

Details about us –

    • Raid Times: Monday, Wednesday & Saturday 8-11pm Server Time
    • Progression: 6/12 Throne of Thunder
    • Website: standardnerds.enjin.com

We are looking for the following qualities in our raiders –

    • Raiders with knowledge of their class, abilities and boss encounter mechanics.
    • Characters that are fully gemmed and enchanted as best as possible.
    • Committed members who are progression focused while not at the expense of having a good time.
    • Good punctuality and attendance to raids.

Apply at standardnerds.enjin.com or speak to Kelthos, Rebecca or Novera in game for more details.
Updated recruitment requirements for 5.2.

The Thunder King comes y'all!

Still after 1 x RANGED DPS.

All ranged classes welcome to apply.
In need of a Ranged DPS still come help us smash the thunder king
Looking for ranged dps who are ToT ready!
Still seeking solid ranged DPS for our ToT team :D
Spot still available for a Ranged DPS.


Or look us up in game ;)
Come on mages! ;)
Can still do with another Ranged DPS for the team.

Possible opening for a healer as well.


Or contact myself, Rebecca or Novera in game.
Still need range dps!

6/12 normal progression
Still seeking skilled DPS.

Ranged DPS spot still available!

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