Looking for 5.2 Raiding Group`

Hello all!

I have just returned to to wow to Raid 5.2 and am currently 481 Shadow and 480 Holy.

I am looking for a good progression raiding group. I have been raiding since BC and am ready to hop back in.

I'm available week nights PST and some weekends.

Reply to the thread or PM me in game, and lets make it happen!
Hi Feorfax,

I'm currently looking for someone to complete our raid team and am wondering if perhaps you would be interested in it.. I just formed a new raid team who started running together last week for the first time and are in need of a 3rd healer with a DPS OS. I do have a forum post that I'll post below. If you're interested, we'll be raiding tonight @ 730... Hit me up.

Batletag: Arondil#1105

Do you wish to raid but are unable to make most raid times because of real life conflicts? Perhaps you get home from work and would like to eat before you pull a boss? Do you have kids or a family who also need your attention, but you still want to be part of a progression team?

If any of this rings true for you, Redeemers of Azeroth (currently 6/6 6/6 4/4 2/16H) may be a fit as we're building a 3rd raid team to accommodate schedules that conflict with early raid times.

We are currently looking for a healer with a DPS OS, to fill our ranks (currently have a resto druid and a holy pally.)

Please apply on our website (http://www.roa.enjin.com) or pst any of the officers listed on the site for more information.


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