[H] Any Casuals LFG?

Hey folks! To avoid the crazy spam of people /telling us looking to see if we wanted to join their guild, my partner and I formed a little 2 person guild. Since then, thanks to 85-90 leveling, we've gone from level 1 to 16 (almost 17).

However it gets quiet with the two of us just duo-ing our dailies, adventuring, leveling alts and grinding out old reps or raids/dungeons for fun. Oh and, yeah, we can't run scenarios with just the two of us without queuing up for a PUG third.

I'd love to meet a few people to join us. Plus it'd be nice to have some friends on the server.

This is where it starts sounding like Craigslist:

Us: Couple (40 & 30 yrs old) who play nights/weekends with PvE content in MoP, levels alts, goes back for old raid transmog gear, grinds out old reps for mounts, etc. Also I'm a chatty social sort while my partner is more the quiet type who just wants some stress-free players to game with.

You: Mature and social wanting to explore the games content without a crazy focus on performance/progression who plays at least a few days a week and wants to share their experience with others. Play whatever race/class that suits you, of course. :)
Best of luck finding some more! You sound like a fun group to game with.
Aw thanks, Vladt! So far no nibbles but yeah it would definitely be nice!

Right now I'm staving off the VP/rep grind boredom...Zzzzzz. :)
Yea, I know the feeling. I'm running BGs on this guy to get him full up on the honor gear and then I need to do the same on my healer. Who would have thought the guild would need a healer instead a fourth warlock.

I've done pretty well avoiding Rep so far. I am close to exalted with the Tillers but that is about it. I hate doing dailies so I'm always poor and repless.
Heh! Dailies can definitely be a chore. I'm almost exalted on my main with everyone and I have maybe a quarter of the rep gear...Eeesh.

I haven't done too much in the way of BGs. I wanted to get some old WOTLK rep up and the best way to do that was Justice. And the best way to get JP was BGs. So I ran a bunch a few weeks back to convert over to JP. I'm pretty awful with my Shaman at PvP :)

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