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Hey, sorry to bring this up if it bothers anybody. I have not played WOW in quite some time. Is it still the best MMORPG?
Specifically, for the Rogue Class? I happen to like the Subtlety stuff and PVP. But, liked to hang out and just wait on raids on Stormwind too, to fight.
I am quite the loner, but had the intention to raise another Rogue from the start as I would need to relearn the game anyway, to join a PVP guild and compete (if possible, down the line).
I have raised two other Rogues to (then) maximum levels.
I see many other games out there. So, please, don't be upset that I ask.
I don't care if they nerfed the Rogue (so, I heard). Nerfs come and they go.
Rogues have been getting nerfed, but they're coming back finally.

Brofist to all the rogues with all their antics and ninja cappin' and !@#$.
Rogues are going to be one of the best classes for 5.2. Also, from my perspective it is one of the best MMORPG out there. I can't say it's the best since I haven't played all the mmo's out there. That's just my opinion.
rogues r currently most fun pvp class in the game for messing around. dont believe me? i love rogue class
One of the reasons I like WoW is because it is the Warrior style done right.
I don't play many other MMO's, but I did give GW2 a shot...

It had its highs and lows. As far as their "thief" class, which is often synonymous with rogues or assassins, I felt it just didn't compare to my rogue (who is still sitting at 85, but I love regardless).

In comparison, they use the same combo point/energy system, albeit in a different way. Although they had some cool moves/abilities that put the (imho) lame melee attacks of the rogue to shame, my main gripe and ultimately the reason I did not care for the GW2 thief is that their stealth ability(/ies) are a CD and is not a static thing. Although it can be argued that that is accordingly, because they are thieves, and not specifically an assassin/rogue (although to me, in the genre, they are more or less the same darn thing)

That's all I got for ya. I couldn't tell you how rogues are in WoW now, as I haven't touched mine since MoP came out.
Thief in GW2 is awkward compared to WoW's Rogues.

The Thief's most damaging attack is when you attack someone from stealth. Only way for you to enter stealth is to A) Land 'Vanishing strike' type move. Or B) Use a sizeable chunk of one of your resources with a relatively long cooldown. Plus your stealth only lasts for about 3 seconds. That made it so if you are unable to kill it in GW2's closest thing to mixing Killing Spree and Shadow Dance (albeit with more button presses) you'd be !@#$ out of luck and just have to resort to flailing on the keyboard until your stealth-granting move and follow-up burst damage come back off cooldown.
Awe, thanks everyone! Guess I will raise another wow rogue!!! Now, I got to figure out a name (always hard). Vingtsun will be gone (deleted) soon, if anyone wants the name, check back in a week. FYI, it means beautiful springtime and is the name of the so-called founder of the martial arts system that Bruce Lee first learned from Yip Man.
Also, FYI, great movies (IP Man I and IP Man II with Donnie Yen).
Thanks again!!!

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