5.2 Extremely Low FPS 10-Man Elegon

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I know it's not an add-on and my drivers are up to date. So I'm not sure why, but on Elegon tonight my FPS was almost unplayable. It only occurred on the Elegon fight. Everywhere else it was fine, even on the extremely over crowded Isle of Thunder. Any tips or suggestions?
It seems that in raids heavy spell effects from mobs are dropping my frame rates.
Wish they would fix this, I just had to leave a raid in HoF because my computer which normally plays on ultra but wont seem to play on medium tonight. Gotta love patch days. I had all addons turned off and still down from 100+ FPS to 5 or less once encouters started.
Wish I could help but it happened to me too. Admittedly I have a pretty old graphics card and only get around 25-30 fps on Elegon usually, but tonight that encounter was completely unplayable. As soon as combat started I got 1 - 2 fps. Tried disabling addons, changing graphics settings. I ran it a second time and it was the same thing. Nothing seemed to help...

Edit: Should say that all other encounters so far have been absolutely fine.
Elegon seems to be a problem, as I ran all of MSV LFR with zero problems and had no issues with the Isle of Thunder with half my server crammed around ten mobs, but as soon as the pull came on Elegon, my FPS shot down to 1 FPS. It's the floor, because outside of it, and when the floor is gone, I could actually move. But inside, I was doomed.
I thought it was my addons as well (which was a problem when MoP first launched). Turned them off? Nope. Every time a disc priest cast PW:Barrier, my screen would lock up for a few seconds. On the initial pull of Garalon tonight I completely crashed out. Of course I was dead by the time I got back in...
My frame rates for Elegon pre patch were alright but now they are total crap. Turning all my settings down to the lowest and disabling all my addons did nothing.
I've also noticed this while downing Sha of Anger. I normally have around 30-55 FPS while questing, but after getting into combat with him, my frame rates plummet to about 1 - 3 and only seem to improve when I get MC'd on any of my toons.

Beyond this, I have noticed that Elegon is painful to do as a melee class. I swear, one time I had 0.2 FPS and barely had enough time to get off the platform.

(This was, of course, with addons and my graphics turned to at least fair. Low also gives me these problems.)
Had the same issue when we ran MSV last night. Didn't have any framerate issues till i got to Elegon and it just became a choppy mess. I would be a 60 fps then I would step onto the platform and I would go all the way down to 5 fps in no time. I didn't have any issues before the patch on that boss, but now it's painful.
Same issue here. I've never had the problem pre-patch.

I get 60~fps on every other fight, but as soon as the Elegon encounter starts (when the mechanism is turned on) the fps drops down to its single digits. It makes the encounter pretty much unplayable. I thought it was my addons, but disabling them did nothing.
Had this issue and completely reset my UI, removing all add ons totally. Issue persisted. It's the floor. If you aren't on it, or if you're looking up, you're fine. But if you look at the floor, your frame rate collapses. Multiple people in my LFR group reported the same thing.
for me this has only started to occur AFTER 5.2 launched. And it's only the platform. In phase change I'm fine, but once I'm back on - 3fps.

I thought it was my addons as well (which was a problem when MoP first launched). Turned them off? Nope. Every time a disc priest cast PW:Barrier, my screen would lock up for a few seconds. On the initial pull of Garalon tonight I completely crashed out. Of course I was dead by the time I got back in...

Actually there was a period where it would do exactly that when I cast Army, or Divine Hymn. One day it just went away though.
Having the same issues. Works fine on everything but elegon. Only had this problem pre5.2. Hey blizzard...if it ain't broke...stop trying to fix it.
I'm having problems too and not just on Elegon. Went from 30+ fps on ultra to under 10, everywhere. I'm at about 15 fps right now idling in Org, but if I move the camera that drops to 6-8 fps. Even changing to Low settings it is still only about 10 fps. I get 90 fps in Diablo 3 at Ultra.

I have tried everything I can think of. Installed beta graphics drivers, deleted all addons, etc. but nothing is working.

Anyone having any luck? This is nearing unplayable (in raid environment).
I am having this issue in all LFR raids.
Having this issue as well. Before 5.2 it was fine, after I get 3-5 FPS on the circle. If I'm off it seems to clear up. Wish we could get some feedback on this, as it's game breaking for this boss.
It is a bit annoying to not even get a "we're looking into it" about this, or even the inevitable "post your DXDiag" that you usually see, when I've been making posts about this since it first hit my alt earlier this week. Add to that the people complaining about random massive FPS drops, and its obvious something is wrong in the frame rate department since 5.2.
Yea I can also say considerable FPS drops are occurring for myself and some friends as well. Interestingly, It did not start on 5.2 release day for me. Ever since Thursday however, FPS drops sporadically by 40-50 on almost any kind of fighting, with huge lag spikes following suit.

This definitely needs to be addressed.
Posting to concur with others -

Just finished an Elegon Fight using LFR. Off the platform I had a steady 35 FPS (throttled), but as soon as the platform re-spawns, FPS drop to ~20, and the moment I step on the platform, it drops to a dismal 2-3 FPS until I step off again.

This makes the fight largely un-playable (I was just DPS - I can't imagine what it would be like as a tank or healer), and resulted in multiple wipes because people were lagging so badly that they could not get off the platform before it de-spawned. In the end, we had to actually leave the platform ~10-12 seconds BEFORE it dropped to ensure that we'd be safe. A good portion of the raid did confirm that they were having the same issues(s).

Before the patch, I never had this issue. I disabled addons, updated my graphics driver, and restarted the client. In addition, I changed all graphics settings to 'low', and it did not change the FPS drop during this fight.

Personally, I have not found a similar issue anywhere else since the patch - it seems that this is specific to the Elegon fight (in my case, anyway).

Additional suggestions to fix the issue client-side would be nice. :-/

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