[H]Illidan-Gwen Stefani-25m-6/13 HEROIC)

Guild Recruitment
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Gwen Stefani
Illidan (PVP)

* Raid Schedule:

* Tuesday: 7:00 - 10:00 pm CST
* Wednesday: 7:00 - 10:00 pm CST
* Thursday: 7:00 - 10:00 pm CST
* Sunday: 7:00 - 10:00 pm CST
- During progression we sometimes raid past 10:30 pm CST

Gwen Stefani is a 25-man guild on the US-Illidan realm.

We have had a 5 year history on the Blackhand server - gaining nearly all Server 1st Hardmode kills from the end of Wrath to the end of Cataclysm. In the midst of that server dying we decided to rebuild our strength on a high population server.

We are recruiting exceptional players of all classes and specs at all times.

Competitiveness is desired... we are looking for people who want to compete with other 12 hour guilds in progress and master content as quickly as possible.

Individual competitiveness is also important - being dissatisfied with performing below your fellow guild mates should light a fire in you to improve.

We use a dynamic LOOT COUNCIL system that incorporates both the officer core as well as two random Member Status raiders in the loot decision making process. We believe this lends a bit of transparency to the process and puts corruption in check.

Though these kinds of privileges are earned with attendance, performance and displays of loyalty. We do understand that a 20 hour guild will provide stronger progress than us at 12 hours, but when people join our guild - our goal is to provide an environment you want to stay in through success and social compatibility.

Being smart, logical and rational are valued parts of being in Gwen Stefani. Sometimes people will be benched for needs of progression - the officers are available to discuss grievances in an adult manner - hopefully with the understanding that there is a vital commitment of trust that occurs. In choosing to join us you are trusting us to hold you accountable for your performance and in ACCEPTING you we are trusting you to accept our decisions are in the interest of the guild with as much fairness as we can provide.

There is going to be wiping, there is going to be raid spots swapped in and out... and keeping your spirits up with humor is important. World of Warcraft is a social game and we are a social guild. This isn't a gear machine(well not entirely ;)) !@#$ isn't that dire! Relax! Have fun!

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Tier 15
6/13 Heroic
12/12 normal

Tier 14
9/16 Heroic (Currently rebuilding on Illidan)

Tier 13
7/7 Heroic, (Realm 2nd, US 216)

Tier 12
7/7 Heroic (Realm 1st, US 69)

Tier 11
13/13 Heroic (Realm 1st, US 105)

Tier 10
12/12 Heroic (Realm 1st, US 203)

Tier 9
Tribute to Insanity (Realm 2nd, US 161)

Tier 8
US 161 Algalon
US 234 Yogg, 0 Lights
US 204 Firefighter
and up all night recruiting, do rogues and dk's sleep?
Bump GS

GL on your new server!
So far it's been good! Best of luck to you too
Free bump for a guild I'm familiar with. Good luck on Illidan. And Death Knights don't sleep.
Thanks :)
Bump...Because I need a another Shaman so my Totems don't get Lonely : (
Another bump for GS. Badhand is dead. GL on Illidan.
too many paladins in this thread. have some purple
back to paladins
Here, have some more purple.

Just putting this out there, yellow doesn't exist.
But if it does, they should come into this thread and apply!
WTB devildog, papastealth or someone good
more applications please

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