My Mage Experience (A Look Back and Forward)

So I'm now leveling what may be my 5th mage to 90. Due to many complicated reasons. I've loved the mage class since I really started playing in at the end of Vanilla, then through BC, WotLK, and Cata.

Now that we're in mists and I've had to transfer servers, I'm leveling yet another mage. Though I'm having doubts about how I'm going to get this one to 90.

Class comparisons are a fragile thing, but comparing my mage to say my monk, hunter, or (shudder) warlock even, the mage just doesn't seem as involved. To me, it feels very much like a 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, spam. I'm falling asleep as I play it. This is at level 86, and at level 56.

Now maybe things will change at 90, but I'm concerned that they won't. Mages have been one of the most strangely treated class by blizzard in my opinion. Despite being a major PR icon for them. I won't say they ignore or side step them, but in terms of classes, it definitely seems like they got the short end of the MoP revamp stick.

Again these are all impressions pre-90.

So tell me fellow mages, am I crazy, is this what it's like at 90? Evidence suggests I'm not the only one as I keep reading about 'best in the world' players abandoning the S.S. mage.

And for any blues that read this, what are your plans for the mage? What are your opinions on the state of the class? Every spec seems to be a two (frost, arcane) or three (fire) spell spec. And one of those spells is proc dependent. It's not fun, it's boring. There's no secondary resource system that many classes have now, which adds such a nice layer. Rogues have combo points, monks have chi, paladins: holy power, warlocks: soul shards/embers/demo. Hunters, priests and shaman are the only ones lacking that. Bottom line, I really would like to see a MASSIVE overhaul on mages.

I'd rather play a deso warlock with a fun resource system (which I have done at 85 as well) then my mage. And that makes me sad, because I truly love what the mage used to be. But... I understand, things change.
Honestly it's pretty much the same as it's always been except at 90 you get the choice of channeling evocation for 6 seconds every 40 seconds (soon to be 3 seconds every 1 min) or standing in a 2m rune. If you didn't enjoy mage at lower lvls then i'd be sure that you wouldn't like it how it is now.
That is truly crushing to read.
Yeah, its pretty boring at 90 in terms of PvE. Spamming 2 buttons while in a rune or during evo downtime (40s).

In PvP its pretty fun though. Moreso than my other classes.
Yeah, mage pvp has always been extremely enjoyable due to frost control. So maybe I'll just demote my mage to PvP only until blizz revamps the class. Hopefully they will someday. I just wish we could get some communication on their position. Do they agree with the issue that mages are one of the more boring classes?

Or is everything peachy?
Honestly with your current view you wouldnt enjoy chores at lvl 90 (talents). Comparing to other classes, did you find leveling mage is a bit slower?
Ah, not as much slower as more tedious in sense of it's boring. My hunter is interesting because I have the pet and can chain pull so there is a challenge there. Demo warlocks and affliction warlocks add the chain pull/morph management that's fun. Paladins face roll with holy power and it's a joke in ret. Priests I dungeon level so healing is healing. Druids are a bit of a challenge as you DoT and move on but are so squishy it's strange. Monks and DK's are a blast to level.

Overall mages have just appeared the most boring to me when I take in my leveling experience. It's just sad cause I've leveled mages every which way. From AoE grinding in vanilla/BC to arcane and fire in wraith. I've leveled a mage all thew ay from 1 to max in each expansion except cata.

I'll probably just stick to frost pvp on my mage and level up that way. Which I've never done before so that may be an interested experience.

Also take into account for all my 'I've done this, and been playing since that' I could be playing the classes wrong. Or leveling up in a poor way. I don't think I am, but I could be. Part of why I posted, to see if I am the odd man out.
Mage isn't fun to level but I don't find leveling that much fun anyways.

At least it's easy, I was 1 shotting everything so I just made it into a race.

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