[A] <Storm Hammer> LFM for Progression

The basics:
• 10 man Alliance guild;
• Based on Saurfang;
• Current progression 6/6 MSV 4/6 HOF;
• Level 25;
• Raid Monday & Wednesday, 8-11pm EST (server time +11 GMT - Currently observing daylight savings time);
• Website: www.stormhammer.net

We are looking for:
• Committed and skilled DPS – seeking a Druid, Hunter, Lock, Monk;
• Committed and skilled Tank – any class;
• Good raid awareness;
• Maturity, punctuality and attendance;
• Knowledge of class played; and
• Fully gemmed, enchanted and reforged.

We are primarily looking for the roles listed above, however, we do accept and consider applications from other classes/roles and also social members. We will also look at a pally, monk or druid healer in lieu of a DPS.

We are a small guild run by experienced officers, with a great group of mature, friendly raiders. We have a down to earth approach to raiding and recognise each of our raiders has a voice - everyone is encouraged to participate in guild discussions on progression etc.

If this sounds like you contact Phishtank (Real ID: rick.tarrant@tpg.com.au), Lilliaath or Irridiae in game or visit www.stormhammer.net to apply.
bump for cookies
Hey phish,
i am a EX heroic raider who used to go by the screen name of "Fuds"
and i am looking for a raiding environment thats is no more than 2 days a week,
and so far your post looks very promising to me.

i tried to contact you yesterday but you must not have been on.

hit me up when you can (Rid: Spacewhale@live.com.au)
Bumpyity bump

Still looking for a tank /dps
bump as we are now desperately seeking an experienced and dedicated tank, Prefer a non paladin with a dps offspec. Also seeking a healer, prefer non priest or shaman.

we are also still seeking certain dps classes best to contact us in game or check the website for details.

the above listed are desperately needed in order to continue ToT progression.
hi, i'm the one who posted that is interested to transfer to this realm with my guildies if we find a decent raiding guild. do you happen to have weekend runs for MSV, HoF and ToES? as it seems that your ToT schedule is on weekdays, we might not be available for that. and also, since we don't have much raiding experience, we don't want to drag your ToT progression until we get enough real raiding experience.
LF committed and skilled DPS

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