Updated current progression/recruiting.
Updated recruiting.

Would love to find an awesome holy paladin so we can stop DEing plate int gear ;D
I sent you an ingame mail Fienix.
LF 1 holy paladin and 2 ranged dps of any class (Prefer a hunter &a warlock) :]
Updating: Killed Horridon tonight. Still looking for a holy paladin & 2 ranged.
Im likely transferring to Stormrage on Monday, and im searching for a 25m raid group thats gonna be pushing heroic modes. Im a 492 holy pally, 1/12 ToT, raided for like an hour one night this past week. Went like 11/16 due to a guild that fell apart on Shadow Coucnil which is an underpopulated guild.
Updating: Killed Council tonight.

Currently have no Monks nor Holy Pallys in guild.
/Bump Love!
Updated recruitment. Would really love to find some more awesome ranged dps. I know you guys are out there!
Looking for more Ranged DPS for core raiding spots.
Need 2-3 more awesome ranged DPS who can beat our enhance shaman on the meter. Come on, don't let a melee show you up.
sent you a friend request will hit you up in game.
will speak to you ingame and can supply logs if needed
sent friend request.
Looking for EXCEPTIONAL ranged DPS and a Holy Paladin. Please see me in game!
Bump ^^
Killing Megaera tomorrow. LF amazing ranged DPS, PST

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