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I was skimming the patch notes just now. Did they, uh, reverse their decision to buff Seal of Righteousness? I couldn't find any mentioning of it. If they did, I'll be kind of disappointed. I was looking forward to finally having a decent AoE seal. :/
I assume it's still live. GC mentioned it like an hour ago in his class balance thread when someone asked if they forgot to do an AoE pass for retribution (he replied that SoR was really good and that people should try it).
It's in the patch notes. They buffed it from 6% weapon damage to 9%.
Still not good enough to improve cleave, though, which is where we're weak. Sure HotR and DS are DPS increases on two targets, but not nearly as much as most can cleave.
If Divine Storm in addition to it's current effects, generated 1 charge of Holy Power if hitting 4 or more targets, it would definitely make our AoE damage less "underwhelming". Pretty much you have 1 GCD every 3 GCDs that are not causing AoE damage if it was implemented.
I really wish people would stop crying to get the Cata DS back; our current AoE rotation is far better than it was in Cata. Our AoE is currently very strong if done right; cleave could use some work, sure, but our AoE is fine.
It's ok if a class is weak at AoE. We don't have to be good at everything.

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