Are you kidding me Blackrock?!?!?!

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Go try do the new daily quests on thunder isle as alliance and tell me there isn't something wrong with this server. Me and 2 guildies vs about 500 horde.

After one hour and not completing a single quest we've given up.

What a joke! Fix the balance on this server! Make horde queue to log in I dont care! It's a joke!!!
Re roll pve
Wow I wish I thought of that! You're wise beyond your many levels young druid!

But seriously, for those of us who aren't rolling in the money to just transfer servers everytime a server dies off, a fix would be nice.
You're on a Horde dominated PvP server complaining about getting killed as an Alliance?

I'm on Blackrock Horde myself, and I do not kill Alli that I see (I think I saw you yesterday even). I think it's pathetic to kill someone who is just trying to play the game without being harassed, however I do not have sympathies for them getting killed, as they had the decision to roll a toon on an opposite faction dominated PvP server or not. Simply giving us a 'queue' to log in would screw over raiding guilds and those of us, like you, who just want to play the game without inconvenience.

Your suggestion is to fight fire with fire, which makes you just as bad as those who are killing you over and over.

There is no 'fix', you'll need to put up with it, faction change or server change. There are many (even more than Horde I would presume) Alliance dominated servers out there. I can guarantee if you were on that server and a Horde player suggested that you have a massive 6 hour queue to log in you would not support it.
Barthilas is the same. Just gets worse and worse. Blizz must be making a fortune off transfers from unhappy customers (working as intended).

A lot of my guild has just quit. As OP said... a lot of people are not rolling in money which is why $14 a month for the subscription is good value.

$25 to move one toon to another server IS NOT.
Although I agree with you Sinnoh (obviously Blizz isn't going to make horde queue to log in) and I do want to be on PvP server and I'm all for world pvp, I didn't "choose" to roll on a horde dominated PvP server.

I've been on this server since vanilla and it was great up to and including most of Lich King. But it's been horde ever since then. During cata I think Alliance lost about 70% of the Tol Barad battles...

Wraatomjr is right. Transfers are working as intended because I'm sure more unhappy customers prefer to cough up the transfer money than stop playing all together.


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