Wow stuttering after patch 5.2

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Same here, would never dip below 40-50fps, not studdering like crazy no matter where I am.
My situation is the same, geforce 9800 ultra.
Same here, 550TI quadcore system, Was getting 60FPS stably before latest patch, With same addons,

Reinstalled wow, Deleted all addons and their folders in relations

Still no go. Pulling about 4fps now with consistent screen freezing and stuttering, and WoW eating up 25-30CPU (not sure if thats normal)
same thing here, is there gonna be a fix to this?
Suffering the same issues here. I know its not my system, considering its pretty much over-kill for WoW.

i5 quad with HT, 16 GiB ram, SSD SATA III main drive ( WoW on it) GTX560Ti.

I've Tried doing affinity mask stuff, to no avail. Would love a Blue to give some insight.
Dealing with the "stuttering" along with now, cannot transmog whatsoever.......never seen this much "stuttering" since Cataclysm XD
stuttering is happening to 10 people in my guilds vent atm as well
Same problem, makes me want to hurt a gnome... Oh Hai wait I am a gnome!

Nvidia GTX 680 with updated drivers never a problem before this.
Same. Removed WTF/Addons/Cache, ran repair, upgraded NIC driver, confirmed latest vid driver installed. Nothing fixes it.

Issue sometimes occurs simultaneously to me, my Wife (both in MA) and my brother (in CT) on different ISPs. Seems to indicate this is not a client-side problem.

Core2Duo/GTX580/SSD/FiOS = shouldn't be having any issues.

Acknowledgement of this issue would be a good start...
Does this still occur if you launch the game in 32bit? Launcher/Game Options/Launch 32 bit

Haven't seen anyone mention trying
Yousel, Happens in both for me.
Does this still occur if you launch the game in 32bit? Launcher/Game Options/Launch 32 bitHaven't seen anyone mention trying

Just tested this out. It will still stutter even running in 32. During the hour or so of play, it occured in the same fashion: moving between named areas within zones, just randomly doing it.
For instance, passing by the 2 statues that bookend the GL daily hub and heading into the Valley, my FPS will drop from 60 to 47 then back up. I can then backtrack to the same spot it occurs there (and elsewhere where it happens) and reproduce this drop in FPS.

Someone posted, either in this thread or another about this exact issue, that the same type of problem always seems to crop up with every patch. It may not effect every player, but it does occur for a percentage every time.
I had the latency troubles with cogentco in January, but nothing like this at all till 5.2 hit.

I forgot to mention that since 5.2 came out, retrieving items from my mailbox is slow. Items may take up to 2 seconds or more to appear in my bags. It doesn't matter which mailbox I use. Also logging out sometimes takes several seconds to register, definitly not as instant as it should be or was before 5.2
All these things can be a coincidence, but its highly unlikely. New patch means new troubles sadly. :-(
Glad to see I'm not the only one having this issue >_>
I've been having issues with the game randomly freezing a split second when switching zones/subzones since 5.2. Sometimes the game also drops to 5 or 6 fps in the Isle of Thunder. I have tried the repair tool as well as moving my wtf and addons folders to start fresh but the problem persists. I have tried using DirectX 9 and the 32 bit client but still have issues. I have also tried both fullscreen and windowed modes.

GPU: EVGA Geforce 560ti.
GPU Driver Version: 314.07
OS: Windows 7 64
CPU: Intel Core i5 3570k
Also having the same issue. No addons.

Reinstalled from my back up.

De-fragged the HDD.

Checked disk for errors.

Running Nvidia drivers - up to date,

Running intel, and checked MoBo drivers are up to date.

Having no issues with any other games like GW2.
same deal, usually ran at 60 fps now im at a consistent 5 fps. fun stuff.
Having this same issue, this character only gets up to 76 fps, then drops to 2 fps, game constantly freezes even on the log on screen. Cleared UI still having issues. Other characters on this same server AND other characters on other servers are getting 102-108 fps with no freezing. The freezing is not only in the Thunder King area but also anywhere in MOP. My other characters are not high enough to see if they have the issue in that zone as well. All drivers are up to date, no issue prior to this patch.
they are trying to make wow more like d3. this is wow's version of rubber banding .
not good when your trying to tank or several mobs on you. gotten me killed a couple of times
Already added to another thread with this same problem but I wanted to make sure to add to this one as well. Same problem since the 5.2 patch. I have also tried removing my add-on's and all other suggestions I have found but nothing fixes the problem. The description is the same as the OP. The one thing that most people aren't mentioning is this happens to multiple people at the same time on our server. Several members of our guild when it happens it happens to everyone at the same exact time as can be heard in vent. I am guessing the likelihood of the same problem happening on completely different users machines is very slim. Come on Blizzard and start looking at this issue from the server side/client perspective.
Same here, happening since 5.2, game will be running fine, then either stutter for a few seconds or totally lock up for 5-10 seconds. Very, VERY annoying

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