Wow stuttering after patch 5.2

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same problem here, no cache no addons, nothing, but it KEEPS happening
I'm also having the same problem.
I seem to recall, quite some time ago, that they used to pipe the graphics through the CPU directly...they had stopped doing that to get better performance.

SWTOR (as a side note) if it's biggest detractions had been the horrible graphics issues unless your CPU was top-end.

What I'm seeing since 5.2 dropped (and to an extent, since CRZ went live) is virtually identical to what I used to get in SWTOR (made me quit the game...even free couldn't stand it).

It's the only other angle that hasn't really been discussed...

Try healing Elegon at <5fps...blew 2 raid nights this week trying to tinker our way through that encounter to no avail.
Same here, no problems before the patch. I cap my FPS at 30 because I have an older computer, and randomly it drops to 5 or so for a few seconds. It happens at mundane times, like at the Darnassus bank looking at items and suddenly it drops. Looting is also slower than before, instead of instantaneous looting when fishing, it makes the looting noises slower, and goes into my bags slower.
could be drivers. my wife's is doing the same. everything fine before patch (geforce 650) 16gb of memory 6 core 3.2 amd phenom II 2 TB HD. now she's getting lag spikes where things will play fine then do a micro freeze then back to normal.. does it on a regular basis.
This really needs to be fixed so I can go back to recording videos. >:(
been having the same issue, try to just enter combat and wow starts to stutter if not just freeze before booting me.
This is absolutely horrendous and as far as I can tell is completely random when it decides to happen. It's the same type of 'chug' I get when crossing into CRZ. It's making me want to quit.

Occasionally it'll hang so hard (framerates less than 10) that it'll just disconnect me.
Sad thing is, its Sunday, so they aren't going to be doing anything today. At the earliest it will be on Tuesday, but who knows, they can go months before fixing a problem.
Same problems. My PC locked up and I had to restart it when changing zones occasionally. There is no CRZ on my realm. When I restarted there was some data from the patch that required updates and had to load before I could begin play again.

There are times when everyone in vent has the lag at the same time too so perhaps there is different types of causes for the lag. Ran fine before 5.2.
I ran Crysis to double check if its my cpu and it is not. Crysis at everything max runs fine. Please Blizzard, look into your programing because its like SWTOR during release when I do a BG.
Looks like the OP should have titled this "I Cant Play the Game" considering how quickly they (The Blues) respond to those threads. We now have 4 pages of people with this issue, and nothing from Blizz Reps. Yet the other "unplayable" threads have replies in 3 or less posts?

*Sigh. Love the priorities Blizz, love'em.
I added the following line to my SET processAffinityMask "2"
. I might be a bit paranoic about this but never hurt to check. It sets wow to run on only the second core ( )

Sadly, stutters *still happens* but they last about 1s and not so frequently. Deleting the above line, and restarting wow, and I get the random stutters lasting as much as 15s. This time I tested the whole morning. But again, *might* as well be just luck.
Same problem. No specific situation or zone (CRZ or not) that it happens in. Had it happen in solo pve, pvp, raids, dungeons, flying, fishing all over. FPS will just tank to low single digits for say 10+ seconds then go back to normal. My best bet would be it's something to do with memory management and loading/purging data. It's like it's just churning away at something.

If it happens while flying, going back over the same area doesn't cause it again, so it's not like the 5.0 FPS problem where you could turn your camera one way to get high FPS and then back to tank it again.
I am testing AV since its CTA bareboned with no addons. Will give results later
I too am having this issue, I went a bit extreme and just wiped my entire HD and did a fresh install. I've checked my ram and hd for possible issues, as well as my video card and cpu to see if one of my parts was going bad. I still hang almost randomly, it seems any time a possible phasing happens it'll do it as well. I can't even load two clients at once anymore, the other just closes. No error, no popup, soon as the second seems to intiate a hang like the first it closes. Needless to say it's driving me insane because there's nothing else I can do to fix it.

I'm curious if we all have the same cpu/gpu - I noticed most seem to be using a geforce or amd processor - aside from the fellow with the imac.
I'm having the same problems. The game stutters and frame rate drops to 5 or something. I cleared out WTF folder, addon folder and cashe and ran with no addons and it was still happening. Drivers are up to date. I flew around and I think it has something to do with the draw rate. Even when I have all effects on low it happens. It is really frustrating to play.

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