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Area 52
My hubby and I have been thinking about transferring to this server with our mains and faction changing to horde. He is a Hpally and I am a disc priest. Both of us have a lot of raiding experience. How is the pve on the server? How difficult is it to get into a raid group? And most importantly, do you guys enjoy the server? :)
BTW this is an alt I am posting on :) not my main lol
My perspective: I have been here a week or two. Transferred with several guild friends from a dying server.

I have been amazed at the activity all times of day/night. There seems to be a lot of recruitment opportunities, although my friends and I knew where we were going when we transferred.

Generally, although I was quite sad to leave the server I had called home since I began; watching it die a slow death was sapping the fun out of the game. A vibrant server has been very enjoyable. Although I will always love Dalaran and my beloved Draenei, I cannot say I regret the decision.

I cannot say I am yet accustomed to how poorly my mog looks on my horde toons ::sad panda face:: but I have enjoyed the lore/story from a different perspective.

So far, my limited experience has been very positive. Good luck and For the Horde! (OMG they have turned me..... :P )
People are transferring here all the time, and it's very active. Hope you enjoy it, if you decide to come!
Best realm US/EU
If you are looking for a new home Area 52 is a great place to end up. Superfriends raids Tues-Thurs, 8:30 to 12, and we're looking for a few people to fill core raiding positions. We've got a pretty laid back, but effective raiding environment.

If you are interested, send me an in-game mail / whisper or contact Jeff.

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