Judgement not applying seal effects?

Is there any reason that Seal of Truth is the only seal that actually gets applied when casting judgement?

Righteousness, insight and justice don't deal damage or apply their effects with a cast of judgement but truth both applies the dot and deals the 12% weapon damage. Why? Is this a bug or intended? There is nothing explicit about the tooltips that indicates it should be this way.
This is intended. Basically Seal of Justice would actually be good (and would nullify the point of Burden of Guilt) and thus cannot trigger from Judgment.

Interestingly enough, just having Seals trigger on Judgment (all of them) would drastically change the Seal game. But nope.
Originally the Seals did interact with Judgement (at least moreso than now).

They took the interaction away to make Judgement's baseline damage much higher.

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