Best monk transmog?

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Im looking for a cool transmog set for my monk. I think for weapons im going to get the hailstorms but i cant find a good set to go with it. Do you guys know of any cool sets?
There are few old sets that work with the feel of monk. My advice is to download the Mogit addon, find a weapon helm or something you like, and build a set around it.

Custom sets are nice and unique, but require a lot more work. For monks, however, its almost needed.
I like mine, but then again I'm kinda weird.
Most popular set amongst Monks seems to be cloth int heirlooms for the people rerolling mage/lock
I rather like mine, though I'd like a nicer set of shoulders.
@Lanjinbo, we Kinda have the same taste!
I kinda tried to make a simple monk looking set for mine.
I spent some time putting mine together. I enjoy it quite a bit. Don't have a good helm for it though since the Opportunist helm is Rogue only.
<-- the powers in the eye patch
I like mine alot. Just got to mog my swords after the mog nerf. They look awesome in on armory. Oh well.
I have two problems with monk transmogs: A) Making sure I don't look like a rogue, and B) Fist weapons. I've yet to find a fist weapon that corresponds with my sword well. On the plus side, in game having one sword sheathed on my back looks kind of awesome.

Overall, once I can find a fist weapon or find a replacement for my fist weapon I'll be very happy with my mog.
I've yet to actually gather mine (it's gonna take quite a bit...) but I already have a set in mind

these shoulders are the only part of it I've gotten so far...

Chestwrap of the Regal Lord
Malevolent Gladiator's Ironskin Spaulders
Malevolent Gladiator's Waistband of Cruelty
Legwraps of the Regal Lord
Malevolent Gladiator's Boots of Cruelty
Cloak of the Silent Mountain

is what I'm thinking

and Hood of Cursed Dreams if you REALLY want a helm...
Mines the best I've found so far, pay no attention to my ugly fist weapons - it's not like anyone ever sees them.

The choice is horrifyingly limited for a MALE PANDAREN Monk.

I've got like, 2 or 3 mog sets that look good.
I like mine, no idea why my troll is bald though, as he has hair.
I am liking my set quite nicely
If you're gonna go with hailstorm for weapons, either mine or the blue bloodfang recolor set is your best bet. My weapons (which don't show on character sheet because its a glow effect) basically look like blue lightsabers though.
<-Golden Bear reporting in!

Normally I dont have the tabard on, it looks better without it.

Can't go wrong with a Shado-pan look alike!
Skin is in!

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