Area 52
looking for a good home. I'm new to the server, transferred in with a now extinct guild. I'm married and have a family and I work two jobs. my play is very casual to say the least. but I am dedicated and loyal, I enjoy a 5m or 2 somedays and occasionally a 10m raid. I did the whole progression thing before on another server with 25 and I've been playing off and on since vanilla. but life moves on and i can no longer dedicate to cutting edge gaming. i'm looking for a place to run 5 mans and chat with good peoples. I'm still leveling my toon as I recently returned to the game but if you sound like home let me know.
We would love to have you in <Devils Mark>. Were still trying to grow as well.
You sound just like the rest of us here. Feel free to whisper any of us if you are interested. Were mostly on in the evenings since we all work as well.
Sinners and Saints lvl 25 mature guild would like to welcome you to our guild if you are interested. We run new and old content with guildies and would be glad to do so for you as well. We use mumble and chat on there alot. I am on most of the day so feel free to contact me anytime. Hope to see you soon.

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