[A] Ruthléss - 10 Man Frostmourne (Oceanic)

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Hi Guys

Ruthléss is a 10 man end game progression guild 13/16hm currently ranked in the top 30 oceanic guilds. Currently 2/12 nm ToT

We are looking to recruit players for progression into patch 5.2.

Priest - Disc with shadow offspec

Shaman Resto - with elemental offspec

Mage - Ability to play all 3 specs

Monk - Mistweaver with windwalker offspec

All our core raiders are from high end raiding guilds with experience in end game content over multiple expansions, some from vanilla.

We are always looking to recruit players of similar raiding experience, who thoroughly know their class, in game mechanics and want to progress at the same pace in which this guild does.

Raid times. Wednesday, Thursday and Monday 7pm - 11am ST (AEST)

Please add me aevelina#1307 to speak with me ingame

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