How to tame Degu Red Spirit Beast

Got Degu the red one early in the AM It took me about 3 hours. Through many hours of frustrating trial and error, I found what I feel is the best spect to do this I will recommend doing it without your pet out and with an empty slot for sure because I failed to tame several times, wither because my pet was dead and I was trying to revive him, or I forgot to abandon him, or couldn't abandon him in time. The following tallents will all work without your pet.

narrow escape
binding shot
thrill of the hunt
murder of crows
glaive toss

no escape
tame beast

What to do... start with a stampeed and a binding shot. Drop a freezing trap and do murder of crows. Next shoot it with a concussive shot. Hit him with an Arcane shot and a Glaive toss. Hit rapid fire and get in a cobra shot. As soon as crows is complet hit readiness. All the while your are weaving in Arcane shots. Keep alternating using the freezing trap, binding shot, consussive shot, glaive toss to keep him slowed all while hitting him with Arcane shots and Cobra shots to replenish focus. Once you have im down to 20% if you have glyph of tame beast and glyph of deterrence, click deterrence start the tame and you will tame him before it wears off. Also do this with aspect or cheeta and thee glyph to give extra speed to cheeta.
Hardest part is staying within his dead zone...out of mele range, but not so far away that he hits you with his ranged attack. Hope this helps.
Thanks for the tips. I tried taming him a week ago, and get him down to 30% and screw up. Going to try your method with glyphs next time.
That's way too much effort.

It's super simple. Stay close, keep concussive up, and keep shooting.

When debuff goes away, pop deterrence and tame.

The only glyph you should have is the faster tame beast. Everything else is optional. The red guy is super easy to get once you figure out how close to stay.
It's definitely a lot more effort. However, since I play on a pvp realm, which I choose to do, non-hunters will go out of their way to gank you doing it. I don't mind, them's the breaks. So I need to be very quick about it.

My point is, with my gear, the easier way, as you described, takes a bit longer. His method, which I just tried, including glyphs and respecing my talents, got Degu down to 26% before I got ganked, lol.

So, if your gear is bad like mine, this takes the mob down quickly.

The other two are easy, in my opinion. The original hunter epic quest was far more difficult to do.
And, I just did it. Thanks a lot for your method, OP. It was very simple after I got the rotation down. I got all three now.

Took a second try. No horde and done.

Also, I forgot to add, I remap my "move backward" key (S) to intimidation. Putting it back to default makes it far easier. Walking backwards makes it easier to simply stay in it's dead zone, despite the fact I was hit once. I forgot to use "Stampede" for some reason, but, the other skills worked out fine.

Other hunters on my server usually have a healer with them. But, you don't need one, even with bad gear like myself.

Degu is easy. I didn't have to do anything special other than keep concussive shot up, stay within range so that his quill attack didn't @!*@#!*@ me, and pew pew pew.
Yeah, it's easy. However, like I said, my gear is complete crap. Had I known 90% of it is just to walk backwards, I would have remapped it back the first time I tried it. If you just walk backwards, you stay in his dead zone.

For some reason, his suggestion allowed me to do more damage, which is why I am glad he posted this.

The other two was far easier than this one. The other two were not even a challenge. Blizzard should have made them harder. Blizzard should have made all spirit beast taming as hard as the original epic quest, before they dumbed it down and changed the respawn rates of the demons.
Hey just got my Degu tonight! First want to thank Gaelinda and Netherborn for the assistance! You two rock!

OK. First get your friends to help its FAR easier this way. Start out Lay these traps Snakes, fire, frost NOT Freezing. Have who is tanking walk them over that, Start shooting everything you got while your friends help DPS and heal. Lay down Binding shot as often as possible. Don't bother reGliphing or all that stuff! I didn't.

Rinse and repeat until you get Degu down to 20% or less. Then Every one stop hitting .. Hunter take a speed potion and TAME! thats it go go go! Enjoy!

Took us several tries to get this down to the above. Also STAY WITHIN 15 YARDS so his Ranged attack will not trigger, stay within 10 is best!

Wish I could Post a screen shot!

(Clixoverride - Beast Master Hunter Goblin - Sisters of Elune)
Thanks guys just got mine with your help. Good luck!
My porcupine story: ( Scroll to the end to skip the story. )

This is my first hunter, ( Barely learned the basics of the game by the time I hit 90. ) and as embarrassing as it is to say now I never used concussive shot when I was leveling. If I remember correctly I didn't even have it on my action bar, lulz. Anyway, when I hit 90 I had an extreme urge to tame all the spirit beasts. How sad I was when I realized that only BM could tame spirit beasts because they were exotic. /tear After that tear, I swapped specs from MM to BM and began to work. I researched for about an hour on each porcupine watching youtube videos, reading guides, etc.

I tamed Gumi first, after dying countless times trying to kite him down the mountain while keeping concussion up, frantically looking around and trying not to get caught on any doodads. He took the longest to tame partly because he was the hardest mob i'd yet to fight and partly because I was a complete n00b with concussive shot. x) I had a blast taming him.

Hutia was next. That heal. It was with Hutia that I learned the importance of an interrupting spell, another skill I doubt I had on my action bar at the time, lulz. Took slightly less deaths than Gumi as I had started to get the hang of concussive shot and how to strafe/kite properly.

Last to be tamed was Degu. He's the hardest of the 3, imo. Died so much trying to stay in his deadzone AND dps him effectively. x.x He took the longest to tame solely because of how hard he hit my new-to-90 gear and how newby I was with kiting and such.
After I tamed all 3 of the porcupines, chest swollen with accomplishment, I headed over to tame Skoll but he wasn't there. /tear While I was there, I met a fellow hunter who was camping one of his spawns and we proceeded to chat up a little chat. I found out he hadn't tamed any of the porcupines, which was unacceptable to me. He was newer to 90 than I was so we banded together and set of to tame the 3 porcupines together. Took quite a bit as he was in the same position I was, not knowing/utilizing all the hunter skills ( /w worse than me :o ) and the likes but by the end of the day, I had my first 3 spirit beasts and he had 3 more. Was an absolutely quite superb splendid day.

The 3 porcupine tames are fun to say the least and extremely beneficial to helping a newbie learn some basic hunter moves.

On the topic of taming Degu, this youtube video has a nice visual on how far away you should be.
Also, you can interrupt the casting of his ranged barb attack by running up close to him. Careful not to get too close.
In my case I tamed him in less then a hour and for a single reason;
I brought backup.

Both a rogue and a shadow priest joined me.

At first, the priest tried to heal me and the rogue tried to kill him while I kited. It was a horrible idea. I couldn't hold threat worth anything due to being a BM with no pet, she splatted fast. Also fact; Degu hates healing. Like really really hates it. No matter where we were in the fight, or who he healed, or what he did before the heal, a heal of any sort instantly brought the wrath of Degu on his head. Those handful deaths were swift for them, but it gave me time to learn his dead zone.

Eventually, we settled on me kiting him for about a minute, just to establish a rhythm and opening threat (and if I died to a bad start then only I died). Then the shadow priest would come in and copy my footsteps, using dots to damage to not overstep my minor threat. Occasionally he would do his channel when he felt "safe" and only tossed in a mind spike after my distracting shot hit (don't know if it did anything, but if anything it was a cue for him to do it). The rogue kept the tigers out of the road and occasionally would come in with shuruken / throws to deal a bit more damage.

Once the debuff faded both of them charged him and committed suicide, leaving me alone for his undivided attention while I tamed. Having them really really helped, the priest alone when he went full burst could chunk off a fourth of his health before being killed, this was without him watching himself for the slow burn, I don't know how fast the tame would be if it weren't for him, but the whole thing took around 4 minutes with them.

A few tips for kiting him:

You can interrupt his cast by moving closer, and he takes a second to recast if you move back in range, during this he won't move at all. Stay on the farther end of his deadzone, as you can take a quill back, but if he hits you you can't make him stop his melee.

For once, S as a default key is useful. With the daze up (fire it at every opportunity) he will move about the speed of your backtracking, so use it to kite in neutral, only shifting to strafes when you feel you need to move now.

Tigers will kill you. Keep him as close to the cliff as possible unless you have a friend killing them (or you did it before the pull).

Snake trap is really useful (throw one out and then play dead, he will target them letting you quickly reposition yourself (lets you turn him around). You only have a couple of seconds to do it, I ran up to him then turned around and bounced back past him, then resumed fire. Ice trap and explosive I found to be more trouble then they are worth.

Good luck.
Easiest way to tame all three spirit porcupines is to take another hunter with you... One of you stand behind the mob, the other stand at max range... Max range hunter pulls, keeping Concussive up, interrupting, etc.

Before the mob reaches the pullling hunter, second hunter uses Distracting Shot, keeps Concussive up, interrupting, etc.

DPS to under 30%, then non-taming hunter uses Feign Death... Taming hunter pops Deterrence and tames... Presto, instant spirit porcupine...

A guildie hunter and I (on my hunter) both (as in each of us successfully) tamed all three in about 30 min (depends on re-spawn after tame).

(Edit: For Degu, instead of pulling at max range, just pull inside the range of his anti-kiting ability and each hunter uses Distracting Shot on cooldown.)
... I just attacked him and got the debuff off of him in MARKSMANSHIP... Thinking 'oh, without a pet, marksmanship does more damage.' %$#@... Couldn't tame him that time...
This was my story I posted on Wowhead about this, if it may be of help to someone:

Just to make a few additional observations and suggestions:

After many failed attempts using a pet, or not pet, I finally opted for having a pet for the following reasons:

1) A pet is more forgiving of mistakes because with Exhilaration specced, you twice have a full heal capability in addition to a healing potion. To me this is important because if you are not full health at the end chances are that you won't sustain the damage during the taming.

2) I used a shale spider exotic because of its web snaring capability. This provides an extra chance of not screwing up the concussion shot :)

3) Now the downside is obviously to dismiss the pet when you reach 30%. Well, to do that I remapped my keys one beside the others with Intimidation, Dismiss Pet, Deterrence, Tame Beast. This way, when I reached 30% I concussed Degu then I hit the keys in order without thinking (and believe me at the end of this you don't want to hit the wrong key), and if you time it right, between the Web snaring from the spider and Intimidation you have time to dismiss the pet. This, I did it on the first try, compared to the dozen attempts to bring the pet to 30%.... An ice trap would have helped but I forgot :)

4) I used the addon Range Display to keep Degu between 8-15 yards at all time.

5) And like it is said above, you can't do this without the glyph of taming beast, unless you can stand to be hit for additional 100Ks...

I was iLevel 463, so not great gear.

Finally, this was challenging, but in a way it reminded me of the epic hunter quest demons back in vanilla, where you have to remap your keys and think strategy in a kiting match. I wish Blizz provides us with other pets like that in the future.
Ok after a few times of him glitching and getting what seemed like he was stuck so I stopped my walk backwards waiting for him to get back into the range I wanted or thought he was he was actually closer then he looked and kept getting some shots off on me. then I got really frustrated and said ok last tame attempt and I quit..... well just backing up and Arcane shot/Concussion shot repetitively Dire beast x3 Stampede, wore him down in about 3 min deterred and tamed.

P.S. Don't make the mistake I did the first time and have deterrence next to Disengage XD those barbed shots yeah they hurt even if you got semi decent gear.... 499 ilvl I need new trinkets...

Yeah by far this was easy compared to other Rare/Spirit Beast I have claimed in the past

Happy hunting!!!!
Maybe because you're a paladin
For some people, yes.

And how the hell did a nine-month old thread get necro'd?

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