498 Resto shaman LF Guild

hello, im looking for a raiding guild.Iwould like to join a rading guild on this server because its my actual time.

MGV: 6/6 (heroic)
HOF : 6/6 (normal)
TOES: 4/4 (normal)
TOT: 2/12 (normal)

main reason im looking for a guild,Its because im having proplem keeping up with my current guild raid hours (5 to 6 hours everyday ) its just a bid much. So i would rather join a serious raiding guild with a bid less hours a week on raids.If intrested plz reply back or contact me by battle tag @ Bluntadin#1983
Who are we?
Rival is a Progression guild focused 10 man raiding on US - Mal'Ganis. Its members are former residents of US - Dalaran where they were among the top 3 Horde raiding guilds. With current mile stones of 12/12 H ICC 25/10, 11/13 H T11 25man, and 6/7 H FL 25 man and 8/8H DS.(all within their current patch cycle.) With the declining Dalaran at their backs, many current members of Rival decided to re-roll / transfer to US- Stormrage where they progressed in 10 man to 5/8 heroics in DS then to a 25m atmosphere where they quickly reached 8/8 Heroic within current cycle. Now pushing for MoP 5.2, the guild is currently 6/16 H 16/16 Normal, the leadership has come together to Mal'Ganis with the goal of a dedicated progression atmosphere with a competitive nature in a ten man raid environment without the harsh raid times. Currently in 5.2 we are 1/12 with strong attempts on Horridon.

Tuesday (9 pm - 12 am CST)
Wednesday (9 pm - 12 am CST)
Thursday (9 pm - 12 am CST)
Sunday (8 - 11 pm CST)*optional - Times may vary*

Our current needs are:
Currently we have decided to up our roster to 12 raiders to accommodate group balance and scheduling conflicts.
Warlock or Mage
Resto Shaman
Healer with a DPS OS or a DPS with a good Healing OS

We encourage all exceptional applicants to apply at our website posted down at the bottom.

Who we aren't.
We aren't the super-hardcore, we don't raid 7 nights a week, we don't rotate in 15-20 raiders on our normal roster. We definitely are not looking to hold-hands or spoon feed content to less experienced players. We do not tolerate drama queens, loot !@#$%s, or complainers. We are not looking for World or US firsts, but remaining focused and competitive, while having fun is our main goal.

What do we expect?
When searching for and joining a guild such as ours, we expect potential applicants and recruits to be well-versed, as well as;

-Knowledgable - Of your class of course, but other classes abilities and limitations as well.
-Informed - Keeping an ear to the ground on new encounters, strategies, and changes to the game.
-Maximize potential - including all consumables (FOOD, FLASKS, POTIONS) and professions (gathering is for alts).
-Experienced- With current content and preferably BC/Vanilla content, especially pre-nerf Tier5 and Sunwell difficulty and all experience with in current patch cycle. (Current logs are required)
-Committed - If you have upcoming circumstances which will keep you from participating, it's probably not in your best interest to apply.
-Dedicated - To the game, and guild, if you're on the verge of quitting the game, do not bother applying.
-Courteous - If unable to attend, a notice would be in order.

Our trial period is just that, a trial. You'll be judged on your performance, but also your ability to mesh well with our current members, and your overall attitude as a person. ( may include a short personal interview.)

Loot Rules:
3 man operated loot council. (loot is given based on key standards.)
-improvement for progression and guild in general.
-Guild output

How to join!

PST Tybex (Battle tag - Prime#1205) or Artemisya (battle tag - Artemonie#1655) in game for questions!
Drop an application at www.rivalguild.enjin.com @ APPLY! In current need of multiple positions to fill our roster.
Hey Blunt not sure if morning raiding's an option for ya but if it is would love to have you check us out. We finished T14 12/16H and in need of a great heals for 5.2.

Long spam: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7415465224?page=1

Website: http://www.naileditguild.com/
Faction: Horde
Raid Group: 25 Man
Current Progression: [12/12 Normal ToT]
Raid Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 8:30 P.M. - 12:30 P.M. EST
Website: http://carnage-us.com/

About Us

Carnage was formed a little under a year ago, we are a close-knit group of hardcore raiders with experience spanning all WoW expansions. As hardcore players, we maintain the same mentality we acquired from our days of hardcore raiding, but we now raid on a more casual schedule. We are a mature guild, made up of adult gamers who enjoy taking raiding seriously and like hanging out while not raiding. We do not have guild cliques, and will always welcome new players who are willing to put in the time and the effort to see Carnage succeed.

Despite us having a casual raiding schedule, we expect all members of Carnage to perform at the highest levels of play while raiding. All members are expected to maintain high raid attendance. If you are unable to attend a raid, you must let any member of the guild leadership know IN ADVANCE you will be unable to attend.

How To Apply

Visit http://carnage-us/recruitment for information on current recruitment needs and how to fill out an application.

Contact Information

Adrenaline, Magikx, Fearu in game.
Battletag: Bokchoy#1200
hey blunt, our guild is 2/12 hoping to get back into tot just needing a few more spots filled. Would be interested to have ya join our team.

Battletag wardo#1976

Would like to hear back from ya and get ya in vent before ya decide to come over and just tell ya all about us and how we operate and see if its a good fit gor you or not. Hope to hear from ya.

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