[BUG] Hunter pet passive Avoidance broken~

Bug Report
As the title says, the hunter passive skill avoidance, reducing all damage it takes from AoE by 90% is no longer working.

Takes full damage from things like the Pandaren Rare's Spinning Crane Kick, Galleon's AoE, etc.

It did not do this prior to 5.1, and as Blizzard has made it quite clear lately pet classes are supposed to have a pet, seeing our pet which is 20-50% of our dps, varying on spec/gear/etc. die constantly with such a long revive is not fun.

Please fix this. :)
Happens with my warlock pet too.
Agreed fix the hunter pets dying instantly to aoe
Needs a blue.

It's not just rares it's also quest bosses. Sure those bosses are only AOEing both me and the pet for 30k and it can be healed through, but it's still broken. (I stepped into the AOE to check damage)
OMG this is game breaking for me, I can't play my hunters or warlocks normally. It's HUGELY INCONVENIENT.
This does need to be addressed. If they mean for us not to be able to use our pets (all classes) for tanking rares easily... fine. Give them some sort of active mitigation. Being one shot, and even in situations where aoe is unavoidable... losing your pets is absurd. This affects mage pets too, so roughly 30% of the population (assuming a large number of players play hunters warlocks and frost mages) are affected, should be a priority.
I just went an tested this on one of the rare Panda monks and SCK was ticking for 98k.

Either it's broken or they can finally admit they are horrible at making pet mechanics work and just scrap them.
Well, I'm glad there's already a post about this. Was this an intended change for 5.2?
In addition to the problems listed here, I had to revive my pet 3 times during the Spirit Kings fight in LFR after maddening shouts had gone off. Not just my pet but all of the pets in raid were killed. This is not something I've seen happen before.
Confirmed broken on rares, quest mobs, etc. Fix it.
Can't possibly be intentional change.

What did I just download? Hope it's a fix.

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