Ancient Tome of Dinomancy drop rate?

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I have killed hundreds of Dinomancers. Been farming for hours.

And i have yet to see a Tome drop. Although i have like 30 pets dropped.

It is retarded. Isn't it spose to work the other way around?
My friend had like 3 drop. RNG is RNG.
Ancient Tome of Dinomancy?
Got mine on the 25th kill. 3 toe nibblers and another raptor pet before I got the tome.
RNG, I have farmed for a couple hours, and no tome, but other people get it quickly. At least I am getting dino bones, because 9999 is A LOT :P
Dinomancer drop 1-2 bones each. I rather farm those Devilsaur for 11-13 each....

In a sense RNG is RNG. But the varieties of kills to get a drop is beyond broken.

Its not something with 0.01% droprate that only a few will have while the others tried for hundreds and thousands attempts
I farmed it up on my hunter last night, took over 100 kills for me while another hunter got it on his 4th kill. Maybe you should sacrifice to the RNG Gods to win their favor.....

Oh, I will say yelling at the computer and verbally threatening the NPCs did seem to help, because when I finally raised my voice it dropped my very next kill.....

I guess my threats of genocide were taken seriously by the Dinomancers, they saw my Rivendare's mount and other rares and knew I mean business so they better drop it.....
I think i have over 300 kills already. Im hitting my limit too zzzz aint this too much of a grind given the other grind need 9999 bones
I have two hunters who have been killing dinomancers in pairs for over half a day now. Don't know the count, but this is rediculous! This is the worst grind ever! I have gotten 3 pets with one of the hunters, but sell them because pet battles bore me to tears. I think they need to adjust the drop rate to not be so slow. It seems they don't know the meaning of the word ballance. Either it is way to easy or next to impossible. I just don't understand them at all.
Ya this is redicelus something needs to be done Ive been at it since mop drop so this is worst thing wow has done since the change in their talent trees
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Ancient Tome of Dinomancy?

Ancient Tome of Dinomancy

It's a hunter item (aren't they all?) that lets them tame direhorns.
Well this is a strange necro.

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