Kanrethad - My guide on how to kill him

Decided to write this little guide up to help out anyone who is struggling with the quest.

After attempting it about 20 times as affliction and 20 times as demo, it was pretty obviously this was meant to be done as destro. I think after that many attempts with other specs, it was a lot easier as destruction.

For starters, my ilvl was 513. I'm not saying you can't do it with less, but that's what I did it with and I found it pretty tightly tuned for the ilvl. That being said I dont see why a 500 ilvl couldnt do it if executed perfectly.

For my talents I used:
Soul Leech
Sacrificial Pact
Unbound Will
Grim of Sac

Not much to say to start off with. I used flask and 200 mastery food because I was too lazy for 300 food. Before the pull I would sac the VW and place my demonic gateway out of LoS of Kanrethad. If you're looking at his portal, I did it to the left pillar against the wall. This is for "oh sh*t" situations, mainly the felhound phase.

Obviously dps him as much as possible right when he becomes active. I would put up CoE and then immediately DS and pop as much into him as I could before the pit lord spawned. Once the pit lord spawned, stun him with shadowfury and then enslave him and put him on the boss. Only use the stun for cataclysm, nothing else. Use the breath occasionally to wipe off the dots on you and use the pit lord heal as much as possible. I would spam the thing even if I was at 80% health. Obviously stay out of his rain of fire as well.

For Chaos bolts, use Sacrificial Pact. If you're at full health this will completely absorb the Chaos Bolt. I would also try to stay in melee of the boss so that the breath was easier to manage

When the imps started summoning I would send the pit lord over to the portal and cast RoF on the portal as well. Once the first few spawned I would immediate breath them with the pit lord and then FnB spam conflag and incinerate. They went down fairly quickly after the next RoF.

Its important to get them down quickly as another chaos bolt is coming your way soon from Kanrethad. I noticed Sac Pac was coming off CD right before the chaos bolt was going to launch at me. So be ready to spam it. Also make sure you're full health, use the pit lord heal if necessary, or else be ready with Unending Resolve. Kan will also cataclysm shortly after which you need to pet stun. After that keep dps'ing him

The felhound stage is by far the hardest. When he would start heading over to summon them, I would send my pit lord away to the other side of the room and go towards my demonic gateway. When the first felhound spawned I would immediately immolate and conflag him. Then havoc the next felhound and double Chaos bolt them. This would kill the first one immediately before he even reaches you and the second would be around 20% health. Then immediately shadowfury the remaining 2 and fear the pit lord as he's coming back to kill you. After that finish of the 20% felhound with conflag and burn the last one.

The hardest part about this phase is that during all of this chaos, Kanrethad will also cast a Chaos bolt. The way I would get around this...after the havoc/CB on the first 2 felhounds I would take the demonic gateway out of LoS of the boss....kill the felhounds...then take the gateway back to the middle and immediately enslave the pit lord again. This gets messy as you never know where he'll fear off to (glyph of fear would be useful here as a poster pointed out). Just make sure you set your focus on Kanrethad so you always know when he's done casting his Chaos Bolt. Obviously stay out of LoS until he's done casting.

Its important to enslave the pit lord asap as another cataclysm is coming right up. After the enslave I would immediately use his heal ability on me as well as the breath, and then stun once cataclysm hit.

The doomlord phase you simply banish him and burn the boss.

I managed to kill Kanrethad before the second Felhunter phase, so I had another imp phase to deal with. I think that is best as if you have to deal with a doom lord banish, a pit lord running wild, and 3 felhunters at the same time...you will be in trouble.

If you have any questions feel free to ask here. In the meantime here is me showing off my new green demon form. Also I noticed that in 5.2 your felguard can now use Sulfuras as a weapon with Glyph of Felguard. Not sure if that's intended or not, but I'm rolling with it :)


Good luck!
As for the Tome, I farmed the rares on the Isle of Thunder for about 3 hours yesterday. I probably killed each one 3 times each roughly. Finally Al'Tabim dropped it for me.
Thanks a lot, your great ;) I will keep trying even with this gear xDD
Thanks a lot, your great ;) I will keep trying even with this gear xDD

Yeah that could be rough, but you never know :)

You can at least go buy the 522 valor neck if you have enough valor.
You can glyph fear so that the pitlord trembles in place instead of running off god knows where.
You can glyph fear so that the pitlord trembles in place instead of running off god knows where.

Good call :)

To be honest I was still using Affliction glyphs when I killed him as destro as I was already getting far into the fight compared to the other specs.

I think the farthest I got as Demo was past the second felhound phase and the boss was still at 35% health. So I was in big trouble.
As someone attempting this at 491 ilvl, there are a few things in here I definitely couldn't do. I've found that making use out of the demonic gateway debuff(this actually keeps Ken from casting on you for a while) gives me extra dps time on Ken, which much needed for this fight, and about 30sec to a minute extra before he puts doom on you. That said there still seems to be a soft enrage with adds spawning. Also, using teleport to go behind the pillar during Chaos Bolt casts seems to be the best way to handle that spell and using Sac pet for the more oh crap moments(or right as felhounds are coming out so you can tank their damage while you kill them)

The best I've ever done is the second felhound phase at 45% and I'm starting to feel like I just don't have the gear for this.
yeah something sounds a little off if you're at 45% during the second felhound phase.

I guess for a benchmark to see how you're doing, I know once the pit lord first spawned I would usually have him around 92% health. The 4 piece t14 bonus really helps too as you should have full embers after the imp wave and you can pop DS and get 4 full CB's into Kanrethad.

It is huge to pump dps into Kan as much as possible though. Something tells me Blizz designed this fight for 5.2 gear though, so it may take some LFR runs and valor purchases before having the gear to do it. I would imagine it being rough if youre Ilvl isn't 500+
Great guide, requesting sticky for this should help many players out.
Yah I'm pretty sure this it tuned for the 500+ ilvl range. My crit isn't high enough to make quick work of the felhunters, and in the end that is my undoing every time, regardless of my dps on the boss.

I'm going to hold off a week and hope for some drops in raid this week and LFR next.
I think it's easier to just use Demonic Circle or the Gateway to LoS the Chaos Bolt. There's a pillar or something right at left and right of his gateway, so there's no real range issues with Circle.

But the cooldown is really 1 min so I can keep Sac entirely for this?

The main problem I have here is the Pit Lord itself. I will have to change my keybinds just to complete this quest. It's too annoying to press the heal and breath.

Anyways, I think the fight requires too much DPS. It should be more about how we use our skills and pet management than that.
I started out just LoS'ing every chaos bolt, but honestly the dps just wasn't there after all that running around and time spent behind pillars. When you use sac pact you can stay dps'ing the boss which is pretty important.

The Sac Pact cooldown is a bit of an issue. Like I said I would use it for the first CB and the CB during the imp phase, but it was JUST coming off cooldown as Kanrathed was casting. So I had to LoS the 3rd CB during the Felhound phase. Also you always need to make sure you're at full health when using Sac Pact to eat a CB, or else pop another CD like healthstone or UR

I also found Unbound will useful for breaking out of the annoying imp stun and it also wipes magic effects during felhound phase.

I also feel like you should be able to use charge more often to stun the boss and put more dps into him, but I never got around to trying it out. It would obviously suck to have it on CD while cataclysm is casting, but if you could get the timings down you could possibly get another stun in after a cataclysm
Thanks to your post, i killed him within 10 attempts, appreciate it.
Thanks to your post, i killed him within 10 attempts, appreciate it.

No worries and congrats!
Silly question but..

I thought Glyph of Felguard only allowed swords, axes and polearms. Did that get changed?

Returning to the topic...

I did this maybe 50 times yesterday, maybe got him to 50% or 60%. I'll try this out and see how it works.
I do not know what is going on but my pitlord has been atacking me on imp fase -____-
Anyone know what causes that annoying !@# imp stun stuff? That thing will mess you up badly if it keeps goin off. Some fights I never have it, others I seem to be plauged by it.
Just killed him and I had to modify a bit. ilvl 491. It is possible as destro if you use two chaos bolts every time you stun him(double damage) to get him down to 20% as the 2nd wave of imps come out. The macros are a must, and using Sac pet for at least one of the chaos bolts to stay out there dpsing as long as possible helps. I also abused the Gateway debuff to allow my pet to tank for the majority of the fight so I had to spend very little time debuffing myself.

If you get to this point it is pretty much a guarnteed kill as you can spam Shadowburn while you generate nearly infinite Burning Embers from RoF'ing the imps.

At the end of the fight I had 104k dps and the pet had 34k

must haves:

1 /use [@Kissen] Fel Flame Breath (self dispel and dmgs imps)
2 /use demonic siphon (the heal)
3 /use Charge (to stop cataclysm)
Anyone know what causes that annoying !@# imp stun stuff? That thing will mess you up badly if it keeps goin off. Some fights I never have it, others I seem to be plauged by it.

Its a magic debuff he puts on you that has the same icon as the one that explodes and puts down a funnel(so it's easy to miss). Fail to dispel it in time and you get the undispellable annoying imp debuff for 30 seconds.

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