Consolidated Stealth Issues Thread.

There are two daily quests that stealth is useless with. I am not sure if it by design or if it is a bug.

One is in the Golden Pagoda "Free Spirits" quest.
When trying to release pandaren spirits while avoiding the banshee ghost women. The banshees see through stealth.

The other is in "Encroaching Storm" in Mistfall Village.
The pack of Timbermaw see right through vanishing/stealth.
I have actively taken to using Shadow Walk because my stealth just doesn't work anymore.

I mean, if I don't click it when a group is going by, they see me from 20-40 yards away. It randomly cuts out and even vanish doesn't work. I remember when we had to be right up on someone to be seen, so this is disturbing for me--greatly so.
Yes I've been running BGs on my rogue and its happened a couple times where i'll be out of combat and it won't let me stealth...says "ability not ready yet." Died and rezzed and still couldn't stealth, died 2 more times and still couldn't stealth. Kinda sucks to be a rogue in a bg who can't stealth....
When my Synapse Springs buff ends, it breaks my stealth. I can use them and remain in stealth, but as soon as the buff ends, I un stealth.
I just started having this problem...never seen it before despite having played and leveled rogues over the years.

Here are some of the major differences i can think of:
-UD rogue on Tichondrius server level 77 just hit 78
-Engineering w/ nitro boosts, flexweave underlay & hand-mounted pyro rocket
-heirloom weapons x2, shoulders, chest, pants and helm
-started when i was doing Icecrown quests in the Argent Vanguard base, in the Scourgeholme area
-rogue has been using Subterfuge talent since @ level 64 but with no problems

It has happened with my walking around the Scourgeholme area, just standing still with no hands on the keyboard. There was no aoe, no debuffs on me (none that left an icon anyways), no stealth seeing mobs nearby. Only thing worth mentioning is that someone nearby was killing the named elites for the quest "The Air Stands Still" link provided below.
I've done some testing and comparison between my rogues and here is what i've been able to get.

Rogue #1, level 90 Draenor server

Rogue #2, level 77-78 Tichondrius server

Rogue #3, level 87 Arygos server (east coast datacenter IIRC)

I tested in several spots: right outside the Argent Vanguard, inside Scourgeholme, in Crystalsong Forest, and once on the border of Storm Peaks and Scourgeholme (on SP side). The main thing that seems to be causing the unstealth is phased areas and subterfuge. Now it may now even be specifically or only phased areas or subterfuge. Maybe the phased area and the spell have an attribute that causes them to conflict. And maybe other areas such as BGs or other spells (related to stealth, like vanish) have these same attributes. Maybe something like an internal timer? every couple of seconds maybe in a phased area or BG an internal timer is checked for certain conditions within that zone. Maybe that timer is causing subterfuge (and other similar spells/effects) to trigger or something i dont know.

I knew that Scourgeholme and the Argent Vanguard fort were phased. I took a guess and figured Crystalsong Forest, at least not the area i went to which was away from the big tree and the structures.

But here is a quick breakdown of what i saw. I took screen shots of all this stuff too, i just dont have anywhere to host it.

Crystalsong Forest & Storm Peaks (right on the border of Scourgeholme)
-subterfuge, shadow focus, nightstalker did not effect stealth (at least 2 minutes)
-remained in stealth no breaks

Argent Vanguard fort, right outside by the cemetary and Scourgeholme
-shadow focus and nightstalker stayed in stealth, no breaks (at least for 2 minutes)
-subterfuge breaks stealth every minute (exactly one minute)
-subterfuge occasionally will break stealth at random intervals, but this was rare, mostly it would stick to one minute unstealth
--random intervals usually happened once i got to the new test area. Very rarely would it go from normal unstealth interval of one minute to 20seconds, 30 seconds, then back to 1 minute intervals of unstealths

I have probably 30 minutes to an hour worth of time stamps. I got time stamps for when i arrived at a new area, when subterfuge proc'd telling me that i unstealthed, and 3 seconds later i would be visible. I even got time stamps of the stuff that didnt happen in Crystalsong Forest.
When shadow walk buff ends with subterfuge talent I get pulled out a decent amount of the time in random BGs. Sitting somewhere waiting and getting pulled out randomly with shadow focus, seems to be in phrasing areas.

Those small bugs and such I have no problem with to often.
But I really, REALLY, want a blue about being charged, hit, and beat down by melee and hunters
after vanishing. Sitting in "improved stealth" and still being seen is very annoying. I want to know if this is intended now or a bug is all.
Bump for blue!
I just tried leveling my rogue through Vashjr and it was terrible. Unstealthing every 15-20 seconds, and that is no exaggeration. It's not into the minutes, its a couple of time a minutes...i was in Vashjr for about an hour or so and i must have unstealthed between 20-30 times...again not an exaggeration. I'm not the kind of person to have something happen to them once or twice and say "omg this thing happened like a hundred times!".

I got so fed up i didnt bother trying to switch from Subterfuge to Shadow Focus or Nightstalker. I didnt even make it past Adarrah/Samirs cave, which is the first cave! I leveled a rogue about a month or so ago through Vashjr only she had Shadow Focus and i had zero problems with unstealthing. So either it was something they did recently or it has something to do with subterfuge and phased areas.
I've noticed if I'm in a BG with another rogue and they use Shroud of Concealment while I'm already stealthed, my stealth breaks when the effect ends but I stay stuck in the "stealth" animation. I have to then manually cancel stealth and wait the full 6 seconds in order to enter stealth again.
I have also had trouble stealthing when out of combat. I don't have Subterfuge spec'd, but i do have Shuriken Toss. Once i had Slice and Dice up and it wouldnt let me stealth till I took it off.
Ok, so.. I'm experiencing this issue today in Draenor. Specifically, I was doing the Assault on the Mangnarok Garrison campaign, and I kept randomly dropping out of stealth.

I even sat myself in a corner, around NO mobs or environmental hazards, and it STILL happens, on average after about 15-30 seconds after stealth, though it has happened sooner, and once even happened THREE SECONDS upon entering stealth.

For technical fidelity, I am an Undead Assassin Rogue, and my stealth talent is Shadow Focus.
Lets see.

Monk Chi burst hits stealth.
Priest Cascade hits stealth.
Hunter Barrage Hits stealth.
Druid Starfall hits stealth.
My Stealth + poisons fall off randomly
Cast Recupe while NOT in combat + stealthed, stealth is removed
Gain a combo point via HAT, lose stealth.
Cast S&D via HAT combo points, lose stealth.
Vanishing does nothing to avoid incoming missle attacks
Cloak of shadows doesn't even block/make you immune to spells 3/4 the time - at least in Ashran.

Yea, something is !@#$ing wrong with this class.
Vanish doesn't take you out of combat, which is game-breaking for the Glyph of Disappearance. I tested it multiple times on training dummies. I never got out of combat, hence I could never re-stealth before Vanish dropped.
11/29/2014 10:58 AMPosted by Hotflowers
Vanish doesn't take you out of combat, which is game-breaking for the Glyph of Disappearance. I tested it multiple times on training dummies. I never got out of combat, hence I could never re-stealth before Vanish dropped.

It's my understanding that with Glyph of Disappearance, Vanish no longer removes you from combat. And this is intentional and correct. It's meant to give a moderate DPS boost to combat and assassination.

Example, as sin with the 4 piece pvp set, I can vanish once per minute and get a 100% crit 5 point envenom. Also with subterfuge, you have multiple cheap shots / garrotes / etc every minute.

If you want the option to escape a fight and survive, then avoid that glyph. If you want to try and burst someone down ASAP, then the glyph is actually pretty good.

If the glyph dropped combat, then it would be just like normal vanish every minute which would likely be OP. Blizz should make it more clear in the glyph tooltip what's happening though - there's no mention of "vanish no longer drops combat" and it confuses everyone.
Stealth fell off all while questing in Draenor and while trying to do BG's.
Extremely annoying when you're about to open on someone and *poof* no more stealth.

Did EotS earlier, and as soon as I stealthed it just fell off.

I'm not sure about you, but I don't enjoy getting my face bashed in, all because stealth just likes to fall off out of nowhere.
Sometimes other player's healing bugs out and is labeled offensive, therefore knocking the stealth out of rogues everywhere.


I still say we should raid the Bug Report forums until this gets fixed.

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